Former Lion busted with 175 pounds of weed


I was just about to post this.

What’s crazy is these dudes likely got this from a cartel in Mexico and if they snitch family members are going to end up in pieces so they are actually probably going to do hard time.

Just another example of the media blowing it out of proportion. They don’t know personal use when they see it?


Big package for a big dude!

I just wish people were smarter…

Given time all the stars should end up legalizing it at a minimum for medical cause… patience my brother! Patience…

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The Freep needs to step up their proofreading. The article says Robinson played for us in 2007. Since he was 14 in 2007, I’m going to have to disagree.

He and his bud (he he) are neck deep in it now.

He’s as good at keeping heat off of him as he is keeping defenders off of his QB.


I’m all about legalization but that ain’t a I like to get high amount.

That’s a I’m trying to become the kingpen of a midsized suburb amount

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Unless he was making some pretty ridiculous wax out of it. Talk about some potent reclaim.

I’ll just drop this here.



Psssht. Nate Newton wannabe

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Was watching Live PD the other night and the cops pulled over a guy and immediately smelled weed.

Cop: So this weed is all for personal use?

Driver: Yeah

Cop: So how much do you smoke a day?

Driver: A lot

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Der, it’s Texas and their neanderthal ways.Ya think your just going to cruise through?

Wait til he blames the NFL for Traumatic Brain Injuries and sues them for damages.

SO funny that he busted that out during a fight with his girl. Brilliant writing for that show. Consistently hilarious.