Former NFL scout: 'I wouldn't be too down on the Lions if I were you'


“This is another reach, but Will Harris is a physical safety. He’s not great in coverage but he’s not a total liability.”…

Projected Draft Status: 4th or 5th Round NFL Comparison: Siran Neal…

Not much of a surprise that Harris hasn’t worked out so far.

Harris did struggle quite a bit, giving up three touchdowns and an average passer rating of 125.7 on 668 defensive snaps. The rookie also missed six tackles.


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Harris was a rookie, most of which tend to screw up a lot, true? The real question is whether he showed any improvement over the 2nd half last year and what does he do this year? I don’t know the answer to either question, and maybe if he wasn’t ask to cover NFL receivers all day that might help.

Re the 2020 Lions, yeah they could make some noise in the North, but some of their 2nd and 3rd year guys have to step up and they all gotta stay relatively healthy, especially Stafford. No knock on Chase Daniels, he’s a big improvement over our QBs that played last year after Stafford was gone, but if you’re depending on your minimum wage guys to win games then you’re in trouble. And rookies, outside of Okudah we won’t see much of them for awhile. Except Swift, maybe.

Yeah, funny how when Diggs was traded, everyone was dogging on an injured Diggs for his stats and praising Harris, sighting Harris’s play the reason we traded Diggs. Obviously after the trade we found out the real reasons. Hopefully Harris can get better but I’m not sure he’s a good fit for our defense, to be honest.

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The guy in the article didn’t really say much: “I love what Matt Patrica is doing there.” says Kelly. “I love the toughness, I love the discipline.”

He later followed up with more of the same optimism.

“I just think that there’s a lot of good things they’re doing in Detroit.”

Wow, a lot of insight there. Couldn’t care less what MP is doing here other than losing and driving good players away.

When a coach is disciplined, we hear how great he is…and when there’s guys that are easier going and more of a players coach, we hear how great he is. In the end, all these guys get fired because they don’t win, looks to be more-of-the-same with MP.

I feel this stuff will prove true, as well.
Not the popular opinion around here, but I still believe this thing will fly high.

My biggest space of optimism is Bevell
My biggest doubt is ability to adjust around last year’s injuries.

Long Time Lions Fan: bwaghahgahhahhahahahahahahhaha you beautiful beautiful fool.

“Kelly began his NFL career as an intern with the Minnesota Vikings and eventually worked his way up to being a scout for the New York Jets in the late nineties, in a front office that included both Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick.”

ooooooooookay so in other words Dude hasn’t worked in the NFL for over 20 years? Great source.

If given the option of betting the over or the under on the Lions…the under is always the safest bet.


Became a scout in the late 90’s, its now 2020, is that not 20 yrs?

I don’t think he has been lol

It was a fast four years with the Jets. After his time with the Jets came to an end, he has been involved in the media hosting his own radio show as well writing his own book entitled Whatever It Takes based on his life experience. He’s also been working as a scouting consultant. He hopes to one day to return to the league, perhaps again as a scout or in another role in personnel.

Now, however, Kelly has a different calling. The now born-again Christian is trying to sign others up for a different type of team as an evangelist.

“In 2013, I went into full time preaching ministry. With no back-up plan, no safety net, no credit cards and no savings I stepped into full time preaching trusting only Jesus Christ for all provisions,” Kelly said.

“I was not working for any organization and only had Jesus Christ as my boss. I sent out emails throughout the Phoenix area, titled, ‘Modern Day Gospel Message’ offering to come and share my testimony, my story. I said I ask for nothing but the opportunity. All told, that year, I ended up preaching at 13 different churches and ended up hosting three different radio shows, including the first Christ-Centered NFL pre-game radio show in the world. It was an incredible year, I even had a chance to be mentored by a pastor who used to travel with Mother Theresa.”

While he is thankful to share his faith, he hopes someday to be back with an NFL team.

Three years ago, he had a dream that he was general manager of the Cleveland Browns. That next day, he wrote to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, giving his background and saying that he had a plan on how to turn the team around.

Haslam responded to Kelly’s letter and asked for his suggestions.

“That turned into another 166-page GM proposal and my current wife, Samantha and me, flew by faith and faith alone from Phoenix to Cleveland in attempts to meet with Mr. Haslam,” Kelly said.

“We literally walked into the front door of the Cleveland Browns facility and asked the security guard if we could meet with Mr. Haslam. You should have seen the security guard’s eyes! You could tell he never got that one in training.”

Kelly didn’t get a job with the Browns. He remains undeterred. He will get back into the league again somehow, even if 18 years is an eternity in the fast-paced NFL.

There is no reason to doubt that Kelly will be back in the game at some point. After all, no one believed that he would get there in the first place.

Got it.

Its an odd story. This dude seems like a quack. A quack with a brief stint as an NFL scout, sure, but a quack none the less.

Any non Lions fan who thinks this team is heading in the right direction is clearly a quack.

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We did sign Harmon at S so that should be quite an upgrade. Although we play our safeties interchangeably at times, he should be able to man FS better than Harris.

Most Lions fans that think this team is heading in the right direction are quacks as well.

Color me quacky…We shall see but I’m optimismtic.


To the haters: Kelly has four years of NFL scouting experience. That’s four more years than you will ever have.

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yeah each season we are like The Titanic, an unsinkable ship…and yet we sink each season.