Forrest Fires

I would make this on the OTT but it’s locked for now. The situation out West is really dire, guys. I know many here think the media is prone to hyperbolic coverage (they often are), but the situation out here is damn near apocalyptic at the moment. Probably a 25/30% chance Eugene will be evacuated in the next day or two. All comes down to which way the wind blows. Nearest fire is now 150k acres and there are less than 200 firefighters trying to slow it down.

Fingers crossed. Go Lions!


Some of the police said the fires are very suspicious. Most started near highways. Also reading about infrared beams too. Invisible to the eye. And a technology to see them was banned in January.

Drove fam home from the Redwoods near Crescent City on Monday, took the 199 to the 5 North. That route is in flames now. While I’m feeling good about my house, there are fires within an hour in ever single direction and the sky looks like it has a yellow filter. The winds have been crazy, but are supposed to drop way down tonight…

Yeah. Sadly there seem to be a real possibility that this is arson.

They did catch one guy in Mapleton 45 miles west of here.

Thoughts and prayers, bud. Be safe.

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You too.

Thinking of you and yours, CH. Hang in there.

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This is the Cameron Peak fire seem from my house. Its up in the mountains near Ward.

Stay safe Husker!

My phone white balances out the yellow to make it look normality, but it’s been between a yellow/gold all day. Im 30 minutes NE of Portland.


Apparently I need a lesson in posting photos on here, ha. A small detail to notice if you decide to open it - my fence is held together by a ratchet strap after the crazy winds came through.

Godspeed. My understanding is that the situation is deteriorating in the Northern Willamette Valley. Things here seem to have stabilized. Not really improving but not getting any worse at the moment.

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Thanks CH, you too. I’m not concerned for my house at all at this point. I think the biggest difference right now, at least in my neck of the woods, is that the winds have died down to nothing. We get some kicking winds out of the gorge here in general (great wind surfing/kite boarding), and the winds this week were intense. The nearest fires were to the NE of me and they were contained. I’ve got the Columbia River to the south as a nice barrier. Vancouver is to the west.

I edited @Raintrain34’s post so we could see it w/o having to download it.* That’s insane.

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The scale is truly mind blowing, Nate. In terms of acreage burnt, the west coast will soon be at the equivalent of the entire state of New Jersey.

500k Oregonians have been evacuated.

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Be safe, guys.

I can’t for the life of me understand why west coast states don’t maintain their forests, do controlled burns, remove brush and clear cut areas so fires can’t spread… I have my thoughts on their policies, but that’s for a different forum :grin:


The situation in Oregon is a little different than parts of California. Conditions like the Santa Ana winds are actually quite rare up here. The maritime influence is dominant when it comes to the climate in Western Oregon (certainly Eugene northward). Hence why it’s gray and wet eight months per year.

We happened to get those Santa Ana style winds at the wrong time. Hot, dry winds coming down the cascades and into the valley turned this into a firestorm in the blink of an eye. Maybe things are changing but I think it’s too early to predict this to be the new normal in the Pacific Northwest.

Conversely I think it’s hard to deny that it is the new normal in parts of California.


Thanks Nate. I thought about using a filter to show the yellowish-ness of the sky, but that seemed disingenuous. The smoke almost glows. I’ve thought about going on top of a little mountain nearby to see if I can get a look out from above, but being outside just doesn’t seem like a good idea for the lungs at the moment. There’s ash on my car like a “small” volcano erupted. On an interesting note temperature wise, it had been in the 90’s for days here. Today, I think it’s topping out at 65. I’m guessing the smoke is preventing the sun from heating the ground? Tomorrow’s forecast is 85.

I absolutely agree with CH’s take on the PNW. These winds came at the exact wrong time.

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