Franchise tags, salary cap, free agents, and team friendly deals

I’m trying to formulate an idea, but getting swamped down by the details. If you feel the topic and want to help me out with it pro or con. I’m definitely ready for constructive criticism.

I’ll start with salary cap. Teams are now required to spend so much money 89% over 4 years. The current stretch ends with this year. I got my info from “Assuming the cap reaches $200 million this year the four year spending number will jump to $651.8M.” all respect to them for doing their stuff. All credit to Jason Fitzgerald. *I don’t want any problems for us or them.

Second is franchise tags and we all know that’s the avg of the top 5 salaries or 120% of their last year salary whichever is greater. *Key here is greater. So, you can tag someone twice but it’s gonna be an incredible price-tag.

Then we have free agency and we all know we have guys that really wanna play for a winner. Don’t we all? There’s only one winner every year, though, so we usually have people that want to go to the obvious teams like Patriots. Even taking a paycut or a min deal to go to these “contenders” In the past we have seen this happen. It’s a fact. Tom Brady did it for years to keep them going to the playoffs and Super Bowl. This offseason we see Jadeveon Clowney wants paid 20 mil and wants to play for a winner. But he’s unsigned.

However, the NFL wants us to believe that any team can win the Super Bowl each year. They want parity. More like parody.

I think the nfl needs to adopt a free agency system that makes all free agents restricted thereby keeping more players on teams that drafted them and if they are going to leave for x dollars if their original team wants to keep them they gotta stay.

Now, this will never fly for the obvious reasons the NFLPA would never agree with it.

I have more and I’m willing to go into it further, but essentially player A gets drafted and 5 years later he wants to leave he hates the team that drafted him. So, he elects to reject a fair deal from the team that drafted him and instead gets an offer from team B. Less than what team A offered. So, team A gets him for that amount and player X has to deal with it. I’m tired of this musical chairs every year. It puts emphasis on trades. You can still trade him and get something back. Comp picks? all the good teams know how to rig the system and i see the Patriots and Packers constantly getting 3rd and 4th rounders. I’m done with that, too.

I’m tired seeing guys make millions of dollars getting to choose anything and then seeing some people told in real life happening right now that they’re essential making min wage during a pandemic.

I would really enjoy constructive dialog. Feedback. School me I would love to read a point I haven’t considered.