Frank Caliendo fooled Arizona GM by calling him using his Gruden impression


You can’t make this shit up.


That’s brutal. If I was Keim, I would not be too happy.


Thats funny, but given the moment, and the importance of the situation, ie my job, I think I might not have found the humor in it quite so easily.

What do the kids call that?..trolling or cat fishing or…? What ever its called, this guy should get an award for it…:smile:


Hahaha …

I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest poster here, still. Pretty sure it’s been that way since I started like 16 years ago.

Anyway, I’ll clear it up: the term is definitely ‘trolling.’ Catfishing is posing as somebody else (always much much more attractive than you) to fool others with online dating profiles into emotional/romantic relationships. Usually has dumb excuses as to why they never meet the other person.

There’s a whole show dedicated to exposing them. It’s both utterly depressing and pretty entertaining. Probably a bit schadenfreude in there, too.

As far as Caliendo goes, yeah – he was definitely pushing the limits IMO. He did it so well though, that I give him a pass lol.


Ha! Now im impressed! So funny.


Thanks for clearing that up. There was a time, probably like 6 or 7 years ago now, I had made a comment in the OTT about gun control, i think, and RemRebound commented back something about my meme like answer. I didnt know how to respond, because i didnt even know what an internet meme was at the time…i didnt join facebook until about 4 years ago.

I live a sheltered life.


LOL. You were probably better off living life without Facebook, TBH. I got rid of it ages ago, and it feels so much better.

And ahhhh … the OTT memories. Before it turned a certain direction and became a cesspool, it was a lot of fun.


Yeah, i had to finally get out of there, i was becoming to much like the cesspool, and that just isnt me. im not into the name calling and back biting just because we may disagree about a certain issue. I like to stay respectful, even with people i disagree with, in fact, many of the people that i consider internet friends, are the same people that i may disagree with politically.


That’s why you fit in perfectly here.


I dropped them over security, privacy and exploitation concerns.
Of course, I sound like some kind of tin-foil hat guy when I say that, but then they end up in the news repeatedly, including their facing BILLIONS in fines, and people STILL use them. Seriously. It’s crazy. Between them and Google, users have become mass, willing subjects.


Really, the 24/7 boards? How did you find out?


No, not 247… I’m talking about Facebook. There’s not a month that goes by that they’re not in the news for something dodgy, yet nobody bats an eye.


Right…it’s amazing how dirty the are.
Cheryl Sanberg…“Lean In” and let’s see what private info we can sell today.


Oh OK, just making sure.

Yeah, screw Facebook.


I never joined it, and I never will. My brother left it after he got sick of seeing how many of his former high school classmates grew up to be assholes. Facebook is a pit of misery that sells your vulnerabilities to the highest bidder. Really, any bidder if that pasty bastard Zuckerberg thinks he can make a buck off it.


Perfectly put. And that goes for IG as well.

The only Twitter experience I have is being a social media manager for two pages, and it was still a cesspool for the most part. Certainly wouldn’t make a personal account – especially since the pages I ran were pretty simple, yet still exposed me to enough to know better.


Yeah, BG, that really is well said. So many people… even those that I respected as being “thinking” people… have their opinions and even their moods influenced by utter rubbish they’re exposed to on facebook. I’m as conservative as conservative can be (well, close), but it is my opinion that our government is asleep at the wheel on this, either intentionally or not.


I confuse the shit out of YouTube with my viewing habits. I watch a lot of news and comedy of a progressive bent, but I also watch military documentaries and stuff about tanks and warplanes. So one video will start with an ad about impeaching Trump and the next will be about stopping the radical left. I spend more time watching MST3K episodes than anything else, which doesn’t seem to effect anything. At least nerd humor seems to be non-partisan.


I signed up for Facebook over 10 years ago but never really used it. Heck, I think I went 2-3 years at one point without ever logging in.

Long story short here’s what happened. In late 2015 I was on a trip close to my hometown and decided to look up one of my best friends from high school, only to see he died a week before I got into the area. Damn. Then in 2017 I got back into the area again and decided to look up another one of my best friends from high school. Turns out he had died back in 2014 and I had no clue.

Ever since then I’ve logged onto Facebook daily and I’m interacting with people again. I definitely treat them with kid gloves when it comes to “debates” because people on Facebook can be sensitive as fuk!


Even this is an understatement. :scream:. Its a sad commentary on the current state of communication skills in our society…