Frank Ragnow on thin ice

Yep and the dummy fell through too … lol

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Oh, brother! This ain’t Minnesota, kid.

Funny but not funny as a avid ice fisherman I can tell you he is lucky it wasnt over his head or this could have had alot different ending.


erik andolsek part 2. well, without the truck.

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Oh great. Another offseason of Dickfish.


Yeah, he wasn’t doing a good job getting out of there. He’s very lucky it wasn’t too deep.

Agreed this could have had a very different ending.

Pretty sure he is smart enough to know to fish where it is shallow with the weather we’ve had so far…

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My balls are cold! My balls are cold!

How many times did Frank say “My balls are cold!” in that video? lol

And not one curse word. Pretty funny.

Experienced ice fishermen die every year because they misjudge the situation. For instance the water could be very shallow but you never know how soft the bottom is underneath. Or if there’s current. People drown every year by falling through shallow ice. I am a certified captain and certified boating safety instructor. I recall reading somewhere that 25% of ice related fatalities happen in less than 4’ of water.

When I was younger a teenage boy in a neighboring small town died by drowning in a ditch. I always wondered how that was possible and It’s stuck with me as a reminder that even shallow water is unsafe.

Here’s a link about ice fatalities.

Here’s a link about drownings in general. It has some interesting statistics that I quoted below.

  • Four out of every ten drownings happen within two meters of shore or the pool side. And one-quarter happen in shallow water one meter deep or less.

Ragnow is young and as a young man I did a lot of foolish things. Including fishing on unsafe ice. We use to walk on paper thin ice with long poles to help us when we fell through. That was a common practice back then. We thought we were being safe. That practice is common today due to the fatalities. As a middle aged man I wonder how I survived all the foolish things I did in my teens and twenties.


My first thought also.

I’m scared to death of ice. I refuse to go anywhere near it. Went through the ice as a young man. Only went up to my waist , but was a half mile walk back to the truck. Didn’t think I was going to make it with the temp in the teens.


yes you can go into shock , get puenoma and die , get trapped under the ice and freeze to death or drown. it’s bad news to fall through.

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Glad it worked out OK but I wonder what his Wonderlic score was. It was stupid to go out on thin ice, but even dumber to post this. NOBODY had to know.

It hasn’t been that cold this winter, but guys are so eager to get on the ice. Being as big as he is, I would make sure the ice is at least 4 or 5 inches thick before even attempting to walk.