Freddie Kitchens fired

Patricia is now officially the worst coach in the league

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He always was. Kitchens was a rookie. This guy’s team got worse in week 2.

Let’s see what the Browns next move is. They’ve put the team in a position to succeed, then made the 2nd worst hire in the league (I put the Bengals hire as #1). Now what? Do they bring in someone who knows what they are doing? Or do they blow this limited window they spent 5 years building themselves into by trying another amateur?

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By 1 year. Patricia has only been a HC 2 years.

Its probably going to be Ron Rivera or Mike McCarthy

I’m predicting Ron Rivera to the Redskins.

Mike McCarthy to Carolina.

Urban Meyer to Cleveland or Dallas. Josh McDaniels a possibility.

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Yup, those are all the big names this year. We will see how it all plays out.

Its going to hilarious when its Jim Caldwell and they win a playoff game.

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Robert Saleh, Defensive Coordinator for the 49ers is another guy to keep an eye on.

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I don’t think Urban Meyer will want to be controlled by Jerry Jones and his silver spoon son. He can name his price around the league. Same for Washington, because of their D-head owner who likes to meddle…

He did OK in Ohio…Anyone know of a team there that needs a coach? oh wait…

Cleveland recognized a coaching problem and dealt with it.

Detroit gives the guy two or more years.


It’s different when you hire your homie instead of best candidate.

Rumor is Dorsey is going to be out as well, to be replaced by Eliot Wolf, who is bringing in McCarthy and his staff

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That’s a good possibility. Wolf was sought out by a few teams in 2017 to include the 9ers.


Wolf is suppose to be highly regarded…that’s a good move for Cleveland.

He’s the assistant GM for Cleveland so it would be wise to promote him. He signed a 4-year contract with the Browns in 2018.

Can we just have one thread for everyone whining about the coaching staff…?

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Go for it. Whining is a year round hobby for Lions fans.

The Browns do this alot and still suck

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