Free Agency

UFA we need to keep
A. Robinson
L. Thomas
Grl. Glasgow

UFA Targets (I am all in on these guys)
Dante Fowler
Derrick Henry

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What’s the point? If Fowler gets pressure on a 3rd down, the refs will just call holding or illegal contact on the secondary. If Henry makes a good run, they will call it back for holding on the line or receivers.

Don’t forget hands to the face :joy:

Who cares who we sign or who the coach is. Lions are always going to suck.

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Yep, another one. I can watch over and over again and players with less possession than Marcus Pollard had vs the Bucs is called a catch. And just a reminder that in that same Bucs game Andre Goodman was 1-2 yards off of a receiver in a zone concept, the receiver fell down, we got the INT, and they called pass interference.

We all love the Lions, but its pointless to invest much emotional energy into the team. We could be the 85 Bears and might not break .500, much less win a playoff game.

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Brandon Schreff G Redskins

Who would want to sign here?. It’s the kiss of death.

Robinson is gone and it’s for the best. Yes, we lack talent and starters, but hanging onto guys that don’t really provide strength or diversity isn’t a solution.

The Lions tried to trade for Chris Harris , and he’s a FA so you can probably lock that one in as the big splash signing.

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I would say Harris would be BQs number one target.

Because he wants to replace a 28 year old Slay with a 31 year old Harris? I mean it doesn’t make any sense, but would line up with how BQ thinks.