Free Agent CB’s - Possible targets

The Lions tried hard to trade for a top shelf CB and failed. Every good CB that hit the market the Lions looked hard at. So I think it’s safe to say the Lions will be buyers come free agency.

Slay - The Lions tried to trade Slay multiple times and didn’t find any takers. Slay is best in zone coverage. MP wants to play a ton of man coverage and this makes Slay an odd fit. Personally I’d resign Slay and adjust my coverage scheme to fit my players. probowl CB’s aren’t easy to come by. But that doesn’t appear to be what MP wants to do.

The Lions could be looking for two starting CB’s as a result.

Let’s look at some FA possibilities that have ties to our new DC.

Chris Harris - The Lions tried to trade for him at the deadline but failed. He is an aging veteran at 31 years old. He excels in man coverage and he won’t come cheap. He played under new DC Undlin in Den and made it to multiple probowls during that time. I suspect this will be our top target as the two try to reconnect.

Ronald Darby - He’s coming off two injury plagued seasons. Including an ACL tear in 2018. He played under new DC in Philly so we will know exactly what we’re getting here. He will likely come at a bargain price. Definitely an injury risk gamble but that hasn’t stopped BQ in the past.

Jalen Mills - Another Philly CB but this kids young. Only 26 years old. Undlin is known to play favorites and one of his favorites was Mills. However Mills has had repeated foot injuries to end his last two seasons. Could the Lions take a chance on him?

Personally I’d like to see us look at guys who have no ties to our current coaches. Players who are young and healthy like. Byron Jones, James Bradberry, Trae Wayne’s, Logan Ryan, Darquez Dennard, Brain Poole, and Kendal Fuller.

Logan Ryan was on patriots team with patricia

Sounds like Darby is a lock. Exactly the type of player Quinn likes.
Actually, Harris, too.
Give us your injured and aging and we’ll give you a Pro Bowler for free.

Could you see Harris and Darby, with a trade if Slay for a mid/late first? Similar cap cost to a Slay/Melvin pairing this year, and a mid/late first keeps them in play for Delpit or McKinnie to round out the Safety spot and set the back end long term…

Jalen Mills will be a lion. Bringing in his former db coach seem s like a lion move

Good connection - Undlin and Harris. He may well be a target.

I’m pretty sure he’s our top target but if his asking price is too high we will pass just like we did at the trade deadline.

I like Logan Ryan he just fits, plays run and pass well and is a play maker , and Eli Apple for a cheeper fix.

i don’t want any walking wounded–i have had enough of the money wasted on hopefulls


I hope they can find another misfit that plays man as well as Slay.

Me either but Quinn likes taking a chance on them.

Lion’s always sign ex players of coaches, so Mills will be the target.

Eli Apple, when not being burnt like the Australian Outback, is getting run over like squirrel with one leg nailed to I-75.

There is no possible universe where this guy doesn’t suck.

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With the Tabor hate around here, I’m surprised anyone wants Mills… They ran the same 40 time.

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Don’t want him, but seems like it’s lion’s move, since his db coach is your DC now.

Thought he has size and speed to play man. And a better version of Melvin at a cheeper price. Maybe your right.

At CB we are paying good $ for Slay and Coleman. I hate to say it but I would be surprised as anything if we get a high dollar FA CB. The past couple seasons Quinn has value shopped for #2 CB including DJ Hayden and R. Melvin. With Tabor being a bust, with Amani Oruwariye being too green to count on and with Agnew being a special team guy who can also play defense I see a need here but I’m not sure the dollars will follow that need.

I assume we keep Slay with a large extended deal but it is also possible we trade Slay, fill a different hole and then draft CBs as well as signing a veteran CB to replace Slay as we pair that with a top rookie.

The Lions tried very hard to add a top shelf CB last year. So they clearly think they need one.

They also tried to trade Slay. Claiming he wasn’t a good culture fit.

I wondered if they wanted another CB so bad because they wanted to trade Slay. Or if they felt they needed one and needed to replace Slay?

In the last 2 seasons, the Lions tried to trade for Chris Harris and sign Richard Sherman. I don’t think they’re afraid to add another big name/price player that are around 30 under the right circumstances. Also means they wouldn’t be opposed to extending Slay at his age.

I hope they go young in their search for a CB older ones worry me, even Harris. Injuries always hit CBs and I think it was Schwartz who said on average they miss 25% of the season (4 games). It takes a couple years for guys to adjust so guys just hitting free agency would be part of my search I would like to get 2 higher potential guys at reasonable prices. I would rather slightly overpay than try to draft one. there are few sure things at this position and rookies get abused as a general rule.

Minni is in cap hell and they are a division rival so guys like Tre Waynes would be a nice target. Mackenzie Alexander (touch small but willing tackler) be nice depth. Neither FA from GB interests me and I don’t see anyone from Chicago hitting the market.

Daryl Worley signed a 1 year deal (3M) with Oakland and played in 15 games and had 58 tackles so he looks durable. 6’1" and 205 so he is a big corner which GMs like. 3rd round pick out of W Virginia.
Kendall Fuller from KC is only 25 (in feb) and now has the experience necessary, 4 years. He is almost 6" and almost 200 so again decent size and has good speed. 3rd round pick out of Virginia tech
James Bradbury is big at 6’1" and 212 and will be 27 next season. He tackles well, covers well and is durable. Decent ball skills and tough in press coverage. He would be HIGH on my target list. 2nd round pick out of Samford. Nice find by the Panthers.
Bradley Roby. solid player 5’11" about 195. He was great at Ohio state. will be 28 next season so he has some time left. He mayl want big bucks since he got 10M for 1 year last year. He only played 10 games so that may impact his value.
Darqueze Dennard is a guy I liked in college but he struggled his 1st few years at Cinci. about the same size and age as Roby. He was injured and only played in 9 games last year but he could be solid depth and fairly cheap as CBs go…
Kevin Johnson from Buffalo and Bashaud Breeland KC may be upgrades over Melvin and should be cheap and provide depth. both are willing tacklers.

There are lots of guys on restricted deals that Quin needs to take a look at too if teams don’t make decent offers.