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Gil Brandt
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Going through my 2005 boxes today, came across Frank Gore’s pro day results:

5093, 217
4.67 40
32 long jump
9-1 broad
4.27 short shuttle
6.95 3 cone

He was the sixth back taken (Round 3) in draft that saw 3 RBs go in first 5 picks.


That was a terrible draft… Mike Williams, Shaun Cody, Stanley Wilson… Was Orlovsky our best pick? :face_vomiting:

That was a horrific draft. 2002 and 2006 rank right up there. Take away CJ from the 2007 draft and that one is pretty ugly too. Almost all of the’00 drafts were pretty bad.

Fucking Millen

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Can’t really blame Millen for not taking Gore. In 2004, Kevin Jones had 906 yards in the last 8 games and 1133 yards for the season, plus another 180 receiving and TDs overall. Understandably, Millen thought he had his RB of the future.

To put that remarkable feat into perspective:

Leading rusher, Curtis Martin, who had 1697 yards on the season, had 832 yards in the last 8 games.

Shaun Alexander, who had 1696 yards, had 820 yards in the last 8 games.

Corey Dillon, who had 1635 yards, had 886 yards over the last 8 games.

Edge James, who had 1548 yards, had 757 yards in the last 8 games.

Tiki Barber, who had 1518 yards, had 698 yards over the last 8 games.

Rudi Johnson, who had 1454 yards, had 771 yards over the last 8 games.

La Daninian T, who had 1335 yards, had 682 yards in the last 7 games he played (he missed one in the last 8).

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Nah. Not mad about not taking Gore. I’m mad about the other 1,328 catastrophes he’s responsible for. I liked Kevin Jones. Never pass up an opportunity to dis Millen. Never.

wait until you get bored enough to go look at our drafts in the 90’s. we could have had an offensive line with jon runyan and walter jones. we could have had a defense with ray lewis, ty law, brian dawkins. just to name a few. it’s really quite depressing.

can you imagine the numbers barry would have had running behind runyan?