From the QB Wins are not a real stat department

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Here’s why I hate giving a W-L record to QBs. How often have we heard “Teddy Bridgewater went 5-0!”? In the Saints-Seattle game, New Orleans was outgained 514-265. They were up 20-7 and their 3 TDs were punt return, fumble return and a great Kamara play on a screen. QB wins suck.


Well that’s one.


I guess it’s settled then!


Mark Sanchez career playoff record: 4-2

Tim Tebow career playoff record: 1-1



And wins and loses are not solely on the QB. But the hard heads still won’t understand because every is on the QB in there minds. Lols


Case Keenum and Mitch Trubisky won the NFC North division with very flawed teams. Nick Foles won the super bowl in very impressive fashion. Joe Flacco has perhaps the best playoff run of any QB ever.

Sometimes guys see an opportunity and take advantage of it. Several times, the NFCN division collapsed around us. Rodgers died, the Vikings were on their 3rd QB and back up RB, the Bears lost their QB… our QB didn’t take advantage and we crumbled down the stretch.


Just stop you will never understand pro sports or how they work. Your just a over emotional fan that say all u have to do is this to win. U prove how little you understand even mentioning trubiskey. Like he carried the bears all on his own. Lols. Just stop with I’m QB guru because you are really bad at.

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It’s got old a long time ago


Trent Dilfer…

Evidence I see w/my eyes - OC is MASSIVE to a QB’s success. Maybe more important than anything else

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Yeah, I never said that. If you can’t see that we had the division handed to us on a golden platter several times and came up empty, you are not a Lions fan. We had a top 5 defense, but our QB goes and has a pedestrian season and a forgettable playoff game. We had the playoffs handed to us, but those sneaky Bengals made him look like a rookie in year 9. Facts are facts, we have had lot of chances to win big games over the past 11 years. Every single time, we have come up empty and almost all of those times, our QB played average or bad.

In the eyes of anyone that knows football, NFL veterans, current players, Hall of Famers, announcers, analysts and fans throughout the world, wins ARE a real stat. Just just aren’t for certain Lions fans.

Alls I heard was I do not understand the game of football. Some fans just try to pretend they know football and throw out there opinion as a fact. But it’s really just there uncontrollable emotions.

You’re just a slappy that apparently never watched an NFL game. Guys rise to the occasion. Your boy has had a lot of opportunities to seize a single signature win in the last 11 years. Came up empty every single time.

A lot of QBs have very flawed teams. Rodgers has had some really terrible defenses and beat up O-Lines over his career. There are dozens of guys out there that could have won a meaningful game here over the past 11 years. You can keep the meaningless yardage stats, I’ll take the wins.

Alls I know is this slapy thinks your facts are fiction. And if you were a betting man I would love to party with you with all that knowledge and made up bullshit. You have proved many times to this whole fan base you do not understand Football and your hate for Stafford is a emotional thing with you. And the only thing meaningless is your rants on Stafford and all his wins are meaningless… Lols

The QB touches the ball on every play. He is more prone to lose or win games. He can make inaccurate throw, throw interception, fumble, take a sack etc. with the game on the line. He can also make winning plays.

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And this means what ? People still have to catch people still have to block defenses still have to hold up. The center touches the ball on every play also. Maybe it’s his fault we don’t win meaningless games. Lols

How many 4th qter Come backs does Stafford have ? How many 4th Qter collapses has the defense had ? I don’t see the whole angle suggesting he doesn’t make plays when needed. We had the lead in the 4th Qter how many times ?

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Dumb stat. Great QBs don’t fall behind against shit teams consistently. How many of these “come backs” were because he played like crap for the first 3 quarters? How many of these “come backs” were against good teams? Like none.

You know who had come backs? Murray last year because our QB did jack in the 2nd half. Also, Prescott in the playoffs because MS went to sleep for the last 3 quarters. Also, Rodgers last year because MS went in hiding again.

It works both ways. How many times did teams come back against the Lions when all we needed was 1 TD instead of a FG or 1 less freaking QB fumble in the red zone or one less INT or one less sack from a QB holding on to the ball too long?

Bottom line is, the record speaks for itself. We all know we have had some bad teams, but even when we had a decent roster we got zero results.

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Lols funniest dude on the web. Really your not worth talking football with. Dumb stat of course it is, but the meaningless win stat u hang your hat on in every post isn,'t ? Lols fucking priceless.

Just keep admiring those 4th place NFCN division ribbons and 400 yard passing games against the worst teams in the league. Great memories.

Maybe that its you don’t know the difference between admiring and understanding.