Fun exercise for you. remebering all the great nicknames given to players 60 years ago until today

Al “Bubba” Baker
Barry “MF’n” Sanders
(Maybe that one was just at my house?)

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Matty Fire!

“Big Ben” Davidson & “Buck” Buchanon were what got me into football as a wee lad. God did I love those old KC/Oak games.

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Hacksaw Reynolds
Broadway Joe
Bad Moon Andre Rison
Diesel John Riggins
Captain Comeback Staubach
Just to name a few.

The Orange Crush defense from Denver
The Killer Bees defense from Miami
The Legion of Boom defense from Seattle
The Fearsome Foursome from NYG, Detroit Lions and LARams fame
Air Coryell from san Diego
The Dog Pound in Cleveland
The Bus from Pittsburgh, Jerome Bettis
Jack " “the Hammer” Ham
Mean Joe Green
Iron Mike Webster
James Harrison was known as the Silverback
Monsters of the Midway from Chicago Bears fame
Bronko Nagurski the guy the award was named after
Neon Deon was also known as Primetime.

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Lester “the molester” Hayes

I think “Crazy Legs” may be my all-time favourite

The Ghost - Dave Casper
Smash & Dash - Tennessee RB’s

He Hate Me


Shawn Big Baby Rogers

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Chad Ocho Cinco!

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Kenny “The Snake” Stabler

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I loved that he had his name legally changed to Ochoas Cinco. SO funny.

Refrigerator Perry


If I’m allowed to go Chris Berman, my all time favorite will always be:
“Eric, sleeping with Bienemy!”

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And Dan “Big Daddy” Wilkinson!


Jimmy “Spiderman” Allen


Mel Farr, Superstar…

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Willie Green the touchdown machine.

Todd “ everybody’s bitch “ Lyght

Terry “ should have drafted Moss “ Fair

Matt “ Madoff “ Millen

Charles “ smoking blunts “ Rogers

Mike “ fat ass “ Williams

Ikaika “ who the fuck is this guy “ Alma-Francis

Bobby “ I don’t coach that stuff “ Ross

Marty “ take the wind “ Morningweg

Rod “ pad level “ Marinelli

Bill “ my Dad owns the team “ Ford Jr

Steve “ coach em up “ Mariucci

“ Cocaine “ Wayne Fontes

Joe “ where’s the beef “ Cullen

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Bill “gator arms” Schroeder

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Mel farr superstar