Funny clip-football fan ranting about Ebron

I am posting for humor. As most know I have lived in Pittsburgh for most of my adult life and my wife is from there. No one in my circle needed to call me and ask about Ebron when he signed with the Steelers…as my father in law said “greaaaaat, we got that bum pat was always saying can’t block, can’t catch and thinks he is elite” :joy:

Check out the comments, Ebron actually responded to rant and said he was the best tight end in the AFC North.

I’m off Twitter for Lent, but feel free to share this link if you wish:


Ebron is a legend in his own mind!


In the Steelers defense, after letting Jessie James Decker come here they had a hole to fill…


He’s probably not even the best TE on his team… In a division with Njoku, Hooper and Andrews, he barely cracks top 5