Funny stuff

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Not funny

But i think the worst team of each decade should get an automatic comp pick at the end of round one.

Not really

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Actually, if I were the other 31 teams I would be on board with the Lions getting that extra pick because chances are they would save teams from drafting a bust.

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I prefer my funny stuff to be…funny. Epic fail.

Yeah your one I didn’t expect to get it. epic fail for thinking u would.

Now I am not upset or lol …

I think, would have hoped, the writer could have made a better Aprilfools joke. Lame overall but no biggie either

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I knew that it was a joke.

I knew that it would be dumb, low hanging fruit.

I knew what the crux of joke was and how it would be laid out, more or less.

I still clicked on it and read it.

This is a testament to the times we live in…