Game Day...or is it Lame Day?


You called it.


Womp womp.


I like Patrica, but that was a completely stupid decision. Onsides are less than 5% this year. You have time. You have timeouts, you have 2 min warning. Your D has played good all game. And a FG is killer. You MUST kick deep. Straight stupid call


I think we’re playing for draft picks. This looks like a tank job.


This is a team that if led correctly could have won 9 games this year. Patricis Cooter and Stafford get fail grades this year.



I hope the Latter is true


Let’s be honest with ourselves. The Lions gave up on the season when they traded Tate. A team that thought they had a chance would have kept their top receiver, and accepted not getting a mid round pick after the season.


Losing Tate plus Marvin plus Kerryon is just too much. What kills me is that we gave up Tate on purpose.


Tate might have given up on us, too. We did offer him an extension. Or he wanted to be a FA and it’s not like we were going to Franchise him.

We got a 3rd round pick for him. Hardly just letting him go.


I get that but is a third round pick worth the rest of the season when you are one game out of the division lead?


What would’ve Tate done that Ellington didn’t do?


Too much is made of the Tate trade. Lions had a losing record with Tate. Tate’s biggest impact game of the year, we lost.

Here’s one thing I think that was forgotten about Tate. Remember in the Dallas game, Tate hot dogged it into the end zone. Patricia called him over, and told him to wait until he scores to celebrate. Later in the game, Tate again hot dogs into the end zone.

When you got a guy openly defying the head coach, I think this might be part of the reason why the Lions were pulling the trigger. Remember early on when there was supposed bitching about Patricia and how he ran practice? Well the guys who would be doing the bitching are established veterans. Tate qualifies. Im telling you, I think Tate punched his own ticket outta town.

Oh, and its not like we won so many division titles with him either


Great points and agreed.



Sandman is right on! I saw enough at the bar, mainly the crowds reactions. Everybody knew what was coming.
At one time the NFL had the mindset, “you know what I’m going to do, try to stop me.” I think this organization still has it.
Thing is, the competition is pretty consitently stopping them!
JBC, scrap that offense mid-season, just like you did two years ago! Start breaking trends, regularly!