Game Designations for Bears game


Da’Shawn Hand (ankle)
Tracy Walker (knee)
Miles Killebrew (concussion)


Matthew Stafford (hip/back)
Graham Glasgow (back)
Joe Dahl (ankle)
Mike Daniels (foot)
Damon Harrison (groin)
A’Shawn Robinson (ankle)
Romeo Okwara (groin)
Sam Martin (abdomen)

I fully expect Stafford to play, but if he ain’t then I’m not watching cuz it’ll get ugly.

The rest of these guys are somewhat iffy, although do think Glasgow, Harrison, Robinson, and Daniels will be out there.

Dunno about Dahl, Okwara, and Martin.

Interested to see if Bryant gets activated off the IR and plays. He’s eligible, but is he ready?

Smh, we need walker and hand…it’s really ironic how stafford is having an elite season and the defense has been snake bite due to injury.

Many of us thought the defense would be elite this year and the offense would flounder. People opined that the Lions D might be a top ten or even top 5 group, but what most of us didn’t foresee was the collapse of the run D, not many saw that coming. Lomas Brown talked about it a lot on Lions radio, when you only rush 3 and drop 8, it opens up avenues to run through and if your LBs are out of position, well you’re kinda fucked. Which they were, both.

Some wanted to get rid of Stafford or even cut him, the anti-Stafford crowd was in full throat. I guess it goes to show what we know, or think we know. The other thing about the offense was the expectation of improvement in the running game with Bevell in charge. Didn’t happen. I couldn’t say why that is, but the problems seem to start up front, this OL is just not good at run-blocking IMHO. Maybe it’s the scheme, the techniques, lack of talent in that area, don’t know. But it ain’t working.

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Saw reports today that Daniels likely to play. Hopefully he stays healthy rest of the way

Saw reports today that Daniels likely to play. Hopefully he stays healthy rest of the way

Yeah, and hopefully at a higher level than we got the first time. Chicago will run it down our throats all day if we let them.