Gamers and new rural internets

Haven’t gamed in several years and used to be into FPS. Haven’t had internet since the move. Cable and DSL were never an option. Verizon put data limits/slowed down speeds and service sucks where we are at for their LTE. Satellite has always been known to suck.

But now there’s some new internet from NMU I guess. Supposed to have no data limits. Any idea if it’s any good for gaming?

Also a new satellite one from packerland broadband with no data limit, is this one any good?

Curious to know what today’s good FPS games are too? My components are probably out dated.

I did get a Xbox 1 to play the Hunter call of the wild. I’ll never do FPS on console.

People who play video games as adults are worthless to society.

You must be an “older” individual :eyes:

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People who judge others with such a broad brush are assho-- I mean worthless to society.

We all have hobbies. I’m sure you’ve got a few that are stupid IMO, but that doesn’t bother me.

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It’s good to relax the nervous system, sometimes. To me, video games are like chess on steroids. SO cool. I gave all of my games away, because I could lose so much time to video games. Love them, but I could get addicted, if I allowed myself. Love the God of War stuff and Call of Duty. Haven’t played in many, many moon. Used the name WieldingMjolnir for PlayStation. Fun stuff

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I used to work with a brilliant guy…he was our chief estimator. He’s one of those guys who you meet, and quickly figure out that he’s simply on a different level mentally than most other people. So damn sharp. When I met him he was 71 years old, and was a damn good Call of Duty player. He loved it and was highly ranked.


I know, I was just joking around for a reaction. I still rock my SNES from time to time. Usually throw on a little Super Tecmo Bowl when the Lions season is in the toilet and see what could have been.


It’d be interesting if they found out that twitch style gaming can help fight off dementia and other age related brain issues.


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If you’re a fan of old school games I highly recommend getting a Raspberry Pi.

Gen-Xer but meh, who cares.

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Anyone in rural areas struggle with finding internet fast enough to game FPS on?