GB game is a must win game for me now

Nope doesn’t happen…:wink:


Well, since this board “lit the hell up last game over officiating” must mean the refs screwed the Lions. Every fan base thinks their team gets screwed by the refs. Watch the Chargers game again and tell me the Lions didn’t benefit from a few questionable calls.
I don’t think there is some back room conspiracy to try to screw the Detroit Lions. Sometimes officials suck; it’s just that simple. Sometimes they suck in the Lions favor. Sometimes they suck to the detriment of the Lions.

I guess you are right. It must be a fact since you claim that officials go out of their way to screw the Lions.

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OR this facemask that wasn’t called on a punt return right in front of the refs?
Or were they just trying to screw Philly?

No, the refs just suck for everyone.


Arguably the worst facemask i’ve ever seen. Refs DEFINITELY suck, but it is terribly biased, IMO.

Good sir, we may have to agree to disagree.
Some games are definitely more evenly called than others.

Show me a game that does not have missed calls ??..

It’s made up penalties on the last play of a game to give Rodgers another shot from 15 yards closer .

The timing of penalties and when and how they are called and how they imminently effect outcomes in the final seconds of games or when you are about to put a team away .
Your photos are not relevant to what has taken place with the Lions .

20 seconds to go in the game blatant holding /mugging and to boot the runners knee was down as well…Nothing to see here


Of course they aren’t because they don’t fit your narrative.
You are so out of touch with reality, it really is pointless discussing anything with you. It’s like talking with someone who believes in the flat earth theory. It doesn’t really matter what you say to them, because facts don’t matter to them. Enjoy your conspiracy theory.

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What facts , your opinion is not remotely a fact …?

Fact …I showed you 2 photos of the Lions being screwed in the closing seconds of games…you show me photos of missed calls that have plenty of time to be able to come back from …

You have nothing for me except to bow out and claim I must be a flat earth person. The photos you showed me not relevant FACT

Let’s start posing photos of the Lions getting bad calls made against them and bad calls that benefited them and see who runs out of photos first?

Who do you think would win?



We didn’t lose the Chiefs game because of the refs. You can watch every NFL game and watch the refs miss some pretty blatant calls. We lost the Chiefs game because Mahomes is a damn good QB who kept the last drive alive with his legs on several occasions.

they do, right along with the other teams,bc they make shit up on the fly during games.
how many examples of it have we seen now !?

Color me into the “Lions get the shit end of the stick most often” camp.

Yes, there are bad calls that go both ways every week. Level of flagrant obviousness, along with # of occurrences for both teams seems to have discrepancy, to me.

You won’t change my mind, and I won’t change yours…and that’s cool.

So I’ve been getting amped on this game and high on the Lions. And I’ve come into the must-win vibe with this game. Guilty. Which scares me at the place where I’ve been perpetually brought back to earth as a Lions fan. Just when you thought they were trending upward.

If the Lions don’t win, then what? -is what I’ve thought. Well, thinking about the year in quarters, we’ve won the first quarter, and played some tough teams. Most didn’t expect that. IF we lost this game, it’s STILL very possible, even likely, that we win the second quarter of the season. = We’d still be in a good place. We get the Packers once again and there’s still 4 other NFC N games ahead of us.

That said, we’ve run the gauntlet these first four games and this team should be mentally prepared for this game. In that respect, its really nice to be a fan of a tough NFL team. I’m not young, but that’s new for me as a Lions fan.

And one last p.s. - its nice to talk Lions with familiar faces again. I don’t get a lot of free time, but when I do, I spend time unravelling with the Lions. Good conversation here.

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It’s not a must win. We’d still be 2-2-1. It is however a rare opportunity. No Adams, no Savage and a chance to go go home to play Minnesota with a chance to put the division on notice in a way that we haven’t done for more than a quarter of a century. Definitely more important than your typical mid October game.


Not a “must” game, but certainly a “need” one. Winner gets an early foothold.


Right on Syd… I’m in the same camp. The way I see it every divisional game is a ‘need-to-win’ game, pretty much all conference games are close to that if you want a home playoff game. I’m sure the Patriots have that mentality, and I sure hope Matty P has brought that with him. Lots of room for this team to grow yet, but they seem to be trending in that direction

With Savage out, they better hope that Hock is out for this game too. Could be a big game for him if he does play. Savage was their best bet to cover him.

Redmond is a former CB and quite speedy so they have some depth at safety with coverage skills. But Savage is both extremely rangy in coverage and a heat seeking missile in pursuit so it is a big loss. Redmond is dealing with a shoulder issue well. Definite a precarious situation for Green Bay.

Totally Agree. Well stated!

A win to me is also further evidence that the team we are excited about…perhaps cautiously…is the team we are excited about. It’s fun as a fan to watch something good grow.