Gender Reveal(slightly safer than tannerite)

Flagged Fart Gender Reveal

To see it YT it…

Sorry Yooper! Ha

Chicks with dicks covergirl. That’s a dude. If it’s not a dude, it is not appealing. Hit with an ugly stick, dude why would you post this? Can’t unsee this. But I can gouge my eyes out.

LMAO, sure looks like a dude with high cheek bones and all! Anyway, no one died in this explosion! Haha

I assume everyone heard of the tannerite gender reveal. Dude killed his grandma while revealing the baby gender…

By The way, I would never open something like this because it might have malware which could affect my device. Can you tell me how it ends?

Wasn’t a harmful link… Just a literally - nasty ass, title speaks for itself, gender reveal idea on YT…

I don’t get it. What happened here?

Used to be a video in the O.P. Some transgender dude, or possibly really ugly genetic girl, farts on camera and some blue glitter stuck up the butt blows out, identify the gender of the baby as a boy to the fat girls in the room.

10-1 it was staged to promote transgenderism in some weird way. Perhaps a quicker way to prostate cancer.