General FA Thoughts

Lions FA signings so far have been underwhelming and they’re seemingly overpaying for mediocre or worse talent. So far, I don’t see anything that has moved the needle toward making the 2020 Lions a playoff team.

It strikes me as Quinn shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.


So far it is definitely a turd. Not sure anyone with an actual pulse wants to play here.


the first signing was nuts in a bad way, I’m not happy with it.

the second free agent signing, wasn’t too great , but Daniels I feel is a step in the right direction.

Usually, I’m optimistic, but after last season’s 3-12-1 debacle with relatively good FA signings (Flowers and Amendola), none of these reported signings excite me in the least.


Feels like the Christmas when Ralphie got a furry bunny suit from his aunt.

Hopefully there is a BB gun somewhere before its all over…


To me this our playoffs and the draft is our Superbowl. Yet I feel like we are losing in both stage’s. I hope BQ can land two more starters.

When will Detroit fans ever get the Lions will always and forever have to pay more for free agents without whining? There is absolutely a bias, not even taking into account the bad season. So, competing for and convincing top talent doesn’t get easier. It remains more difficult for the Lions. The league continually screws them with poor and biased officiating.
The fans have gone so far as to accept it like we deserve it.
So, signing players who have something to prove or paying them more than the worth they seem to have is our reality.
Do the moves make sense?
I would argue so far, yes, they do.
Wagner, expensive, declining, yep.
Glasgow, evaluated and maybe found wanting. Especially, if Benzschawel is ready. And Dahl. Yep.
Daniels over the streeted talent from last year, yep.
Williams over Harrison, inside pressure, younger. Yep
Jamie Collins, better coverage from the LB’ers, immediate upgrade in coverage, yep.
Hal, a better run blocker at RT, four years younger, yep.


when they overpay for good FA then I will not whine. These signing are garbage.


Name one player in the NFL who wants to play here! Go ahead, I’ll wait. Going further, name one we missed because the team didn’t try hard enough.

In the meantime, I would sign guys who have skill sets that offer improvement.

On a different note, one thing I have noticed this time around is that FA doesn’t seem to be going according to the different levels this time. In the past it seems like all of the top free agents would be signed the first few days, followed by the next tier and so on. I sort of prefer it this way because it’s like you just go ahead and get who you want and get it over with

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So far I am actually happy with these moves.

I believe Vaitai can play either ROG or ROT and I don’t think the Lions will be honest about his role here until after the draft. Vaitai is a great run blocker, a power blocker and we seem to want that now…and he has worke at ROG and ROT in Philly. He even played LOT too. I believe the Lions may very well consider going OT in RD. 1 now and that would be a smart as hell move as there are two OTs who seem to be really, really solid prospects that would give us options past paying Decker a ton in 2021. I am cool with this move as I see it as Vaitai over Glasgow and Wirfs over Wagner.

In terms of Collins I expected the Lions to go after Dante Fowler for the same role. Instead we get a guy who played lights out in 2019 for the Patriots, a guy Patricia knows at a position of need. I expect Collins to be very good still in 2020 and beyond.

I didn’t expect Nick Williams at all. I did see that sack # but I excluded him based on experience. But hell, Nick is hungry, healthy and he produced when given an opportunity. I thought the Lons would bring back Mike Daniels but hell…I am cool trying Nick Williams over Daniels. Nick should be better than Daniels as at least Nick is healthy, hungry and here now. Over 2019 Daniels this is an upgrade based on health and maybe more if Nick has arrived.

We also have an experienced back up QB now too. Something we needed. I thought we would bring back Diskel but hell, bring back Jeff Driskel as the #3 now and that is also an upgrade.

We need to land a starting NT and there are still lots of guys out there who can play that role.

If Slay is staying and we have a deal in place we still need a #2 CB and there are lots of guys who can fill that role too still.

I see Collins as the true impact player added so far and while it isn’t Fowler Collins was better than Fowler in 2019 and he knows our coach. That works for me.


Let’s start with this: players don’t come to Detroit looking for a championship. They won’t take a discount for a ring cuz the chances of that are pretty damn slim. Maybe that changes in a year or two, but that’s the way it is. The other reasons are a chance to be a starter and make the bigger bucks, and/or they know somebody in the organization, maybe another player who was their bud somewhere along the line. Mostly though, it comes down to the money, the Lions are left with trying to offer enough money to those who are willing to come here.

That said, when a team signs an FA, they want to avoid signing guys that they don’t really know. You don’t want to pay somebody good money who either doesn’t fit in your scheme of things, or who won’t make the effort on every snap. And that’s the hard part, cuz a guy who was really good on another team might not be as good when you ask him to do something different. And there’s a learning curve too, different culture, everything.

All of which leads up to this: you can’t build a winning team and a winning culture if you keep playing guys who are not performing up to their contract. That’s why Wagner is gone. Period. The Lions want to improve their running game, so they replaced him with a good runblocking RT. If the guy was also good as passpro, his contract would be $15 mil instead of $10 and that’s if his old team let him hit the market in the 1st place. You can do stuff to partially hide his liabilities, like line-up a TE or a 6th OL next to him, or call more running plays and fewer pass plays so he doesn’t have to passpro as much, or you call more quick passes so the defense doesn’t have the time to get to Stafford. All in all, the Lions got better at that important position. Winner.

Now let’s talk about Glasgow, who was a pretty decent player that had the versatility to play at Center if needed. BUT - he was an FA who was going to get somewhere between $10/12 mil/yr from somebody, maybe more. Can you pay Glasgow, knowing you gotta pay about the same for an RT, and knowing that Ragnow will probably get paid more than that next year, and then there’s Decker next year too. How much money do you invest in that OL among all 5 guys, also knowing that you gotta upgrade your sorry defense too? It’s a business decision in a tough business.

What about Collins? An older player to be sure, but a guy who knows Patricia’s defense pretty well. Some guys go downhill once they head north of 30, eventually everybody does at some point but maybe this guy will be more later than sooner. I doubt Quinn and Patricia would have paid him that much if they didn’t think they’d get their money’s worth. Plus there’s the locker room attitude, Collins is not going to accept complacency IMHO, it’ll be interesting to see how the Lions defense looks and acts this year over 2019. Winner.

Then there’s Nick Williams. The Lions HAD to do something about their interior DL, with the departure of Harrision and apparently Robinson and Daniels. Maybe they bring back one of those guys, maybe not; probably depends on who they can get to sign here. Personally I’d love to see a runstuffin’ big guy clogging up the middle for us, but it comes down to money and some other team might outbid us. But at least they got somebody. So - filled a big need - Winner.

Finally, there’s Chase Daniel. A much better option than Driskel was or Blough. I still wanna see Sloter, got no idea how good he might be, but at least we got a backup QB who might not win us games if Stafford can’t play but won’t lose them for us either. I thought Driskel and Blough both lost games for us in the 4th qtr; I see Daniel as less likely to do that. Costs more money though, and that’s the gist of what I’m saying here. You do the best you can with the money you’ve got, the holes you gotta fill, and the decisions that the players make for where they want to play next. The Lions can’t do anything about that last thing, and they can’t control what the other 31 teams are doing either.


To be fair. The players only want money. that’s all they care about. They can say championships, hometown, blah, blah, blah…but most players will go to any team willing to give them the most money.


Wait until we trade Slay too … I’m gonna hate this off-season.

Trevor Lawrence is looking pretty good right now.

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Except, we know we offered several players more money and they still left or didn’t even come here.
I will name one. Cliff Avril. We all know there are others. Plenty who would never consider us, no matter how much we offered. That is our reality.
We even have a contemporary example in Detroit. The Red Wings. We got pretty much whoever we wanted in FA. We were hockeytown. We had a great owner, great coach and great players. We could get players at discounts, we gave our players championships and the best situation in sports, but first Mike Ilitch and Scotty Bowman had to get together.

That’s all there is. Who’s paying the most. As you see on Twitter alllll the time " gotta grab that $$$"

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Just yesterday there was a report about a player, in Baltimore I think (not sure), who was offered more to go somewhere else but declined the offer. I don’t know it for a fact, but I’m guessing that Collins was offered more money to come here than NE did when he left Cleveland. So, money IS a huge factor but it ain’t the only factor.

I see the Lions cut Kennard and Sloter. In Kennard’s case, I think they needed the cap space to go after a big DT (hopefully) or maybe someone else. His value/need just wasn’t there once they got Collins. Sorry to see Sloter go, I wanted at least a chance to see him in TC and PS games. Frankly, it’s hard to believe he wasn’t better than Blough was.

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My general thoughts on Free agency: No Whammies!!!


So we signed 4 players so far, and 3 of them were back ups last year on OTHER TEAMS. how is this team going to get any better? Can’t keep getting back ups to be our starters. DT is a deep free agent class. Nothing but a one year wonder. Still not addressing another DE.