Geranimo Allison Signed

Looks we just signed him according to their IG page.

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1 yr, vet minimum = $910k. Not bad. Need an RB, CB, and RG though. I think they’ll draft the 1st 2, dunno at the RG.

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Good deal. Ex GB player come in with some experience.

Just to let you all know how brilliant I am.
This is the 3rd free agent signed since I said they were done.


Still nobody under contract after this season at WR I believe.
I would expect the Lions to go WR within the first few rounds.
Lock up Golladay this offseason and draft Marvins replacement.

Allison had a similar situation when he was at Illinois that Golladay had at N Illinois, they were both the only real threats at WR that both teams had. I have to say that if there was something there at the NFL level that AR would have made sure he stayed put. He ran a 4.67 40, in this draft if we don’t take a WR at some point that can beat him out, well…

Allison has good size and has experience playing inside and outside. PFF suggests he’s a pretty solid perimeter blocker, which suggests why Packers used him on kick and punt return a bit.

This guy used to have speed to burn. Then he tore a groin muscle in 2018 I think, and wasn’t the same since. If he regains that speed then the Lions made a good deal, an if not then it won’t cost them much at all. I suppose since GB didn’t keep him, we shouldn’t be too optimistic but WTH, sometimes players need more time to get over a bad injury.


Fourth WR spot competitor.

He certainly looked good against the Lions at times, but that’s not saying much.

He fell out of favor in Green Bay.

I’d still like to see us draft a WR somewhere where it makes sense. Its a deep, talented draft class at that position.

He’ll likely be the 4th WR, or could be beat out by a rookie for that spot.
As far as GB letting him go, they had about 5 guys who are WR4s (Allison, MVS, Lazard, Kumerow, St. Brown), so it’s no wonder they let Allison go. They have 4 other guys that can pretty much do the same thing for less than the vet minimum, since they’re all still on their rookie deals. They’ll likely draft a WR in the first 3 rounds as well (they pretty much always do), plus they added Devin Funchess for a red zone threat.
Seems like a low-risk signing for the WR4 spot, getting someone who can play special teams as well, has experience and is a good downfield blocker (which Bevel hopefully takes advantage of). Gerome Davis is most likely special teams primarily, but Patricia tends not to like signing guys who only do one thing. Could envision him lining up in red-zone situations because of his size (6-4, 215). If you throw Golladay, Marvin and Davis out there (plus Hockenson at TE) on 3rd-and-goal from the 5, one of those guys is gonna be in position to just outjump a DB for a TD, and Stafford is very good with those type of throws. Not many teams have 3 tall CBs that can try to stay with those targets.

Allison has never had “speed to burn”, he almost ran a 4.7 at the combine.

In 2016, this was a 39 yard reception.

And this is Allison a few plays later celebrating a 10 yard TD catch on the same drive

Probably the second best game of his career, 4 catches for 91 yards and a TD was against the Lions.

I would not be surprised if Quinn drafts a WR in the 2nd round. They’d be getting a first round talent because it’s one of the deepest WR draft classes in history. He might even double down and draft another WR in the 5th round.

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The Allison from 2019 will struggle to make the Lions. The hope is another year of recovery from the groin injury and surgery allows him to get back his field-stretching legs. That’s a role the Lions desperately need filled.

I watched Allison flash those jets firsthand during the 2016 Shrine Game week. There wasn’t a cornerback in St. Pete that could stay with him, and he confidently released off jams with unexpected strength in his shoulders. I saw some of that Allison during his Packers days, particularly pre-injury in 2018.

Jef Risdon of Lions wire wrote that. I don’t give a damn how fast somebody is in his underwear, apparently this guy was able to get past people nd that is what counts.