Getting a jump on 2021. Patricia Replacement Predictions

Anyone here believe they gonna all of a sudden not suck? Didn’t think so.

My prediction is Eric Bienemy.

Bonus prediction, they trade Stafford after this year and reload through the draft at QB.

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Should Patricia pancake next year, all for Bienemy. Dan Campbell is another name I’ve seen crop up.

Detroit Lions 2021 head coach: Jason Garrett

2021 coach the Lions will be Urban Meyer or Josh McDaniels…:exploding_head::exploding_head:

I would quit being a fan of the team…seriously.


Who replaces Quinn? I can’t see Quinn firing Patricia. So if one is out, likely both are out.

To save his own ass, he would fire Patty.

Robert Salah as coach with Louis Reddick as GM.

Kellen Moore lions head coach next year or compass Coombs

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Most here do not take into consideration Martha’s age …
If Quinn and Patricia go 8-8 or 9-7 they will be back in 2021 .
A healthy Stafford this year would have gotten us to 9-7.
A healthy Stafford in 2020 and a Defense that does not have the injuries it had this year and I assure you 9-7 is likely .
Martha is not hitting reset off of that kind of season, and not after she did not do it this year. She is at this point likely in a 5 year window


How come healthy Stafford will take us to 9-7 , he screwed games against cardinals and raiders where they don’t have defense . Stafford don’t care about losing , sanders and Calvin retired . This guy will not retire till money keep coming . Taking no pay cut to help team too. We don’t even deserve to win any games last year

8-8 and they will be back.

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I would second that!
Nothing would make me walk away from this team faster.

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Eric “sleeping with” Bienemy seems like a legit hire.

This take is Nonsense , The coaching Staff failed us in AZ .
The Raiders Marched down the field on our Defense with the Game winning score leaving 2 minutes on the clock , Stafford with Broken Bones in his back got us in the RedZone and our Coaching staff removed the only skill players we had healthy for a bunch of TE’s on fourth down .
Show me a QB that takes pay cuts that don’t deserve to have their pay cut ? Don’t reply Brady he is an outlier.


These cats are on a luke warm seat, not a hot seat. They will replace Patricia with …PATRICIA!

I do think we will magically not suck, because I expect Matt to play the entire season. IMO, we would have won 7 or 8, had he played the entire season.

This year, healthy and rested, look for 9 to have his best season as a pro. Offense in top 5, while improving the D, even a little would get us another win or two. Coupled with a weak schedule.

10-11 wins, and a home wildcard game. If we manage to get some folks that can pressure the QB, we have a shot to win the division.

I do see those stupid routes over the middle as a continued thorn in the side, as it would take more than one offseason to fix the LBs and the DL.

Lots to be determined.

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49ers D-coordinator and Dearborn Michigan native Robert Saleh. He’s only 40, so it would qualify as one of those young up-and-comer types that the copycat NFL considers the way to go these days.

But if we’re going to do the ping-pong back and forth thing, having picked a defensive coach in Patricia, the next one should be an offensive innovator.

What if I told you the team that was second in total offense behind the Ravens this season wasn’t the Chiefs or the Saints, it was the … Buffalo Bills? With balance, too – the Bills’ finished third in passing offense and fourth in rushing offense. Now name three players on the Bills offense. Exactly.

Their O.C. is Brian Daboll. He’s only 44, but he’s been around the coaching ranks. He was actually an OC to Eric Mangini in Cleveland back in 2009 and 2010 – and those offenses stunk. Then he was OC for Tony Sparano for one year in Miami. Then he went on to the Chiefs, again for one year, under Romeo Crennel. Daboll was then the Patriots for a few years as an offensive assistant and TE coach, and won a Super Bowl while there. Then he became OC for Nick Saban at Alabama, and won a National Championship there. But he left after that to return to the NFL with the Bills.

I just find that diverse experience and impressive results in Buffalo, rather intriguing.

I’ve literally never heard him mentioned as a head coaching candidate, anywhere, so remember me as the one who got his rumor mill started!


I’m thinking Jim Schwartz

Wait? How could they hire Bieniemy? The dude is just as fat as Matty P. I thought NFL success was inversely proportional to the size of the head coach?


Patricia gets fired but Marsha keep Quinn for some SOL reason…

Quinn hires Josh McDaniels to keep the Patriot way alive and well in Detroit!

But in all honestly, as much as I’d prefer an experienced HC, I wouldn’t be upset with Bieniemy or Saleh