Getting to know Jahlani Tavai from a Hawaiian Beat Reporter



That is good info about him. Still sounds like a project reach in the 2nd round though.
Maybe 4th or 5th round could have been better, if he was still there?
Quin and Patricia must have really, really wanted a bigger LB like…right now.


At least he can punt … :expressionless:


Sounds like the guy is the epitome of versatile. Hey, if he can punt a little, we wont have to subject Prater to a possible butt kicking if he was called on to punt…so, there’s that. Can he kick extra points? Darn sweat socks?


My aging father-in-law tries at least once a year to remember the name of that Lions linebacker who was also their backup punter. Funny enough, I can’t remember if he ever names who it is or not… we might not get any further than him asking who it was.


Any idea what era he may have played in? This might be a fun little mystery to try solving.


Punter or place kicker? Wayne Walker was a LB and also a place kicker.

Remember Suh attempting an extra point a few years back?


Oh damn, I remember that.

Ah, the wonders of following this team.

Since we’re on the subject, thanks to the Pats drafting a right footed punter, it’ll be the first time they’ve had a right footed punt since … Tom Brady.



I’ll have to throw that name at him and see if that’s who he’s thinking of.


My Dad was at the game at Tiger’s stadium when a Lions player died on the field.

" Only one NFL player had died on the field - Detroit Lions WR Chuck Hughes on October 24, 1971. On October 24, 1971 while playing for the Detroit Lions , he suffered a fatal heart attack during the final minutes of a game versus the Chicago Bears at Tiger Stadium in Detroit ."


That game and the scene of Chuck Hughs laying on the field with the medical people frantically working on him is seared into my memory forever. My dad told me a few hours later that he had died. I couldnt believe what had happened, still cant to this day.


Another Lion exclusive was when several Lions players were caught betting on a Green Bay football game. These werent just any players, either. HOFer Joe Schmit and 3 or 4 others were fined, and Alex Karras was suspended. It was a HUGE scandel back in the early to mid sixties.


I never heard about that betting scenario.



Remember the movie Paper Lion. A book authored by George Plimton that was eventually made into a movie staring a young Alan Alda.

A few years later, Plimton actually suited up and played QB for Detroit for like one snap.

Paper Lion is a 1966 non-fiction book by American author George Plimpton. In 1960, Plimpton, not an athlete, arranged to pitch to a lineup of professional baseball players in an All-Star exhibition, … Wikipedia


I do remember that movie. Alan Alda as an NFL player…?? LOL…terrible casting decision.


That was it. I asked him yesterday who was the LB that also kicked and he didn’t hesitate to answer Wayne Walker.


Hey hey…what do ya know?
My old synapses are still firing. :smiley:


Back to Jahlani Tavai, done is done and the guy is a Lion. Some say he wouldn’t have been there when the #88 pick came up, and others say so what, that #43 was way too early anyway. It’s all a moot point unless you want to bitch about Quinn, but in all honesty we should wait a few years and see how the Lions are doing first. Everything else is just spin, how successful will they be in 2019 and 2020 and did this draft class help much or hurt them much? I for one am curious about the guy and looking forward to seeing how he does when we see him in the PS games and then when it counts.

PS: Congrats Charlie, still got a couple of functioning brain cells after all these years of being a Lions fan. Very remarkable.


It is amazing. I’ve been keeping a couple in reserve just in case we actually make a SB run while im still upright and kicking.