Getting to know Jahlani Tavai from a Hawaiian Beat Reporter



Now that the emotional reactions have started to temper, and we get a little more objectivity and a lot more information on Tavai, the more I really like the pick. Now he needs to show once he get’s on the field, but if Quinn got it right, if he hits on this draft, and with the additions in FA, our D has a chance to be really good over the next couple of seasons…and to compete in the NFCN, you have to match the other good defenses.


Good piece, but I’m disappointed the writer couldn’t think of anything better than “Alex Reno” for his pen name. Sounds like a late night Cinemax actor.


I remember back in the Rams “greatest show on turf” days I saw a game against the Falcons where the Rams lost their kicker early in the game. It was literally the worst thing that could have happened to the other team. The Rams were forced to go for it on 4th down in field goal range several times (and got them) and had to go for 2 instead of extra points (and converted 4 out of 5). I will never forget watching that game.


I would have went with Richard Slanger


OMG, I remember that now! That was actually really compelling football, if only for that reason alone.


That was a fun game to watch.


Suh would have made it if they would have taken a time out. It was rushed and it cost them.


My nightmare SB senerio…after watching every SB live since 1967 (save but one, which i was able to listen to live on Armed Services Radio while doing a temporary stint in the Azores Islands), the Lions finally make it to SB LXXV vs the Patriots, its comes down to the final seconds of the game, the Lions have a real shot at winning with a 40 yard FG… but our place kicker blows out his knee as he trots out onto the field for the SB winning FG attempt…ultimate Lions downer.