Giants cut CB Jenoris Jenkins

He got into it with fans on Twitter and called one of them a “retard”

The article says he is blaming the failures of the defense on lack of pass rush in NY. What would he say here? Too bad.




The Giants announced Friday they have waived cornerback Janoris Jenkins. The move comes after Jenkins called a fan on Twitter a slur earlier this week, then refused to apologize for it.

I’m sorry, but that’s retarded.

It’s also idiotic, moronic, and imbecilic (all once technical terms for the developmentally disabled, too).


I truly hope the Giants cut him for his play and not for using the word retard.

If he got fired for using the word “retard”…I don’t know what to say other than I hate this world more and more with every passing day.


He’s a Free Agent. He ain’t coming here unless there’s a big pay day.
Still, we’re going to have overpay someone, I guess.

He’s not a free agent. All players are subject to the waiver wire after the trade deadline.

Crap! Forgot about that.

This is the world we live in… Where people can call you the worst things imaginable online, but you can’t use a word bc those same people find it offensive…


“You find me offensive? Well I find YOU offensive for finding ME offensive!” - Eminem


I say your all just too goddamn sensitive
It’s censorship
And it’s down right blasphemous
Let’s end this shit now cause I won’t stand for this
And Christopher Reeves won’t sit for this neither

Love that guy…

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So much for the 1st amendment.

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We’re pretty high on the waiver list.

Take a chance BQ.

Well, if anything, we may have found a trade partner for Slay. I would guess the NYG would give up as much as anyone in the league for him, since their GM is also terrible and they now have a big need at CB.

Git er dun

He should’ve blamed auto-correct


Tanking? Check
Upcoming FA getting a bit older? Check
Wants big money? Check

Is a dipshit? Double Check.

Bye Felicia!

He should have said it like Alan on The Hangover, just doesn’t sound as bad.

Veterans are not subject to the waiver wire.