Giants trade Beckem to Cleveland!


I guess they are in full rebuild mode?


This is shocking. It looks like the Browns gave up a lot.


The details are Beckham to Browns for 1st, 3rd, and Jabrill Peppers.


Well then.

That seemingly came out of nowhere, eh??


Just watching NFL Network and everyone was talking about how unlikely it was to have a trade shake out that involved OBJ. Then 15 minutes later, I heard this. At first, I thought it was a joke, I read it wrong, or it was clickbait. Speechless.


Baker, Juice, OBJ, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, and David Njoku. That offense is scary. The defense is scary, too. Emmanuel Ogbah, Myles Garrett, Olivier Vernon, and Denzel Ward. Browns have emerged as a team that is feared.


So funny, i was watching that segment too. They were so certain he was there for the long run…“why would they sign him, just to trade him away?”




Guys, Detroit has become so bad that Cleveland is now looking like a much better bet than the Lions …

What a time to be alive.


Cleveland wants to make a run…
This year!
And they better do it…
This year!


Holy shit. A team that went 0-16 all of 2 years ago has gone into win-now mode.

It seems reckless, but I love it. Building for next year got the Browns a 1-31 record over 2 seasons. Why should they follow conventional wisdom about needing time to gel or for your QB to mature? Keeping Mayfield will require a cap-killing contract pretty soon, so this could be their best shot at making some noise.


They got 2 years tops. Good thing for them, it seems like the rest of their division is getting worse by the day.


I tossed a bet here or on the FB board before last year that Cleveland would see a playoff game before us

Although I think the Giants got the better of this. They loss a diva who is often injured and get peppers and high picks…


What’s weird is the Giants just made a trade with a Browns.