Give me some of your go-to recipes

I want simple, I want advanced, and I want everything in between.

Tell me what you like to cook! I’m starting to get good enough to wonder if a ghost restaurant would work. Cooking is really helping me escape the myriad of issues I’ve had haunting me for the last few years.

Autumn Skillet. 2-3 cups of skinned, cubed fresh pumpkin, 1-1 lb package of spicy breakfast sausage, 1/2 onion, sliced, 8 oz. Portabella mushrooms, sliced, 2 cloves fresh garlic, diced. Creole spice mix to taste (about a half teaspoon).
Comfort food.
Bet you thought you getting grandma Sweets Mac and :cheese: recipe out if me? Not happening!

I guess nobody else cooks here lol. This went as well as me asking for help using black garlic.

Thanks for your recipe fish, I’ll try it sometime.

I have to say that Weasel’s Evil Queso is worth the price of admission. I will gladly post it if he doesn’t.

I am in a restructuring period when it comes to cooking. I honestly thought I knew what I was doing when it comes to steak. But as soon as I moved away from Louisiana and didn’t have access to the Texas/Oklahoma cuts of meat…suddenly my “cooking skills” went down with it. Which of course means I was never that great to begin with.

You want an excellent steak experience every time you make it?

Sous vide.

U go Wes. I am prepping form a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Throw Down battle with my stepdaughter.

2 yrs ago at 16 she beat her 28 yr old sister who has a culinary degree, and beat her brother in-law last year even though he pulled out his moms recipe. Mom owns a farm and can cook, big time.

I’m thinking of just planting a kilo of corn starch inside her door panel and calling it in as she drives home Wednesday from U of M. By the time it’s tested it’ll be Monday…

Because age and treachery will beat youth and talent every time, and it is high time she learns that valuable lesson.

Also, I need to make my own nursing home care plans in case she holds a grudge…

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To go back on track-

Collard Greens-Feeds 3

1 bunch collard greens
1yellow onion, rough chop
1 small vine tomato, rough chop
4 slices bacon, 1 inch chopped
1 cup red wine
2 tblspn butter
Pinch red pepper flakes
1 tblspn beef bullion powder
Pepper and garlic salt to taste
2 capfulls sweet vermouth.

Saute the onions bacon butter red pepper flakes and tomatoes until the bacon is cooked through and the onions are translucent. Add the wine, bouillon,pepper flakes, garlic salt, and pepper, then add the chopped up collard greens over the top. Cover and cook for 10 minutes on medium,stir cook another 5 minutes on medium, add vermouth stir cook another 3 minutes uncovered on high or until desired amount of liquid is left.

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I don’t use exact measurements, I mostly go by feel, but my taco meat is a winner. I use ground turkey but ground beef works as well, I just need to watch where I can and the turkey is really good so anyway here you go:

Diced onion, enough to cover the entire bottom of your frying pan. I cook them on medium heat with a little butter and sort of heavy on the black pepper. I like to brown them up a bit but don’t over cook them to a caramelized state.

Put the meat in and stir up / break up the meat and mix well with the onions.

If you use ground beef and it isn’t 90% lean (which sucks IMHO) or the turkey is on the greasy side, you may want to drain off some of the excess grease at this point.

Heavily coat the top with dry minced garlic (it’s too hard to get the real stuff evenly distributed and the dry minced isn’t hard by the time it’s ready. Stir.

Heavily coat the top with black pepper. Stir.

Heavily coat the top (yes its a theme) with Ortega Taco Seasoning (you asked for quick and it’s the best). Stir.

At this point the mixture will likely be pretty dry, so I add enough water to make it juicy.
If it dries out as you are cooking from here, just keep adding a little water. Keeping a lid on it helps. At this point, I usually put another coat of the taco seasoning on and stir thoroughly, but I like it on the warmer side of life, so up to your taste. I let it simmer for about five minutes or so making sure it doesn’t get dry.

Always give it a re-stir before dropping it into your taco shell or destiny of choice. I add shredded Sharp Cheddar, more fresh diced onions, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and Ortega Hot taco sauce.


Meh… I’m not an elitist (when not on the company card lol). Best value/cut of steak is Kroger’s Flat Iron steaks. You can get three (almost) filet’s for 15.00 bucks and they are surprisingly good cuts. Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and Montreal Steak Seasoning combo. If you like it juicy, poke the sucker evenly on both sides and spread good ole butter on it prior to seasoning. Hot grill, turning often till you get to your preferred temp. If more done than Med Rare, you are a heathen!

Here’s my go to recipe:

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a food snob by any means. But once I experienced steak in Louisiana, its hard to go back. Whether its the cheapest cut of meat out of the grocery store or a $12 steak at Logan’s…it was all delicious when I lived there. I just thought I knew what I was doing, but apparently it wasn’t me that was making it so good.