Given the relative silence, can we assume the new OC


comes from an active team in the playoffs?



Well, no …

Actually, maybe.

To be honest, I’m not sure.


Well, that was helpful. And, insightful. Then, again, not so much. Equivocations are a strength here.


One would have to assume. Guessing it must be another Patriots offensive position coach.


The only thing keeping me from saying specifically that it’s the Patriots where the OC is coming from is the fact that Waldron (Rams passing game coordinator) has Patriot experience.


Nice connection. I believe Gase was our target but now we’re onto Plan B or F at this point. I hate the waiting game. It feels like we’re falling behind again this offseason even though it’s nothing compared to last year when we didn’t have a HC or staff. At least that’s in place.


Well, as is the norm for me… “Often certain, rarely correct.”


Don’t be so hard on yourself. You were right that one time…hang on, it’ll come to me…


That’s still one more than I currently have, and at least one more than I’ll ever have!


Yeah, but we share the same last name so that means you are right more often than wrong, just via connective DNA.


Affirmation osmosis; I like it!


You guys need some alone time?


They have had too much alone time and sound like they need to get a room somewhere.


Rooms are cheap in Vegas


It’s the resort fees that kill you.


Everyone that lives in Vegas already lives in a hotel.

(You might be surprised how many tourists legitimately believe this …)


I prefer Winnemucca.


Sure ya do, Big Shoots. Sure ya do …


Is this a great group, or what!
Thanks for bringing us all back together, Nate. Sincerely.