Glad that trade for a 2nd rd pick panned out for someone

Bullocks coaches in SF. Safeties, I believe.

Their injuries were killer to Marinelli’s teams and part of the 0-16 story.

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I hear IAF is coaching intramural volleyball at Haleakala Crater CC.

Drew Stanton? Probably selling furniture.

THREE second round picks and they all bust. Big time.

One thing to consider about if you want Quinn gathering up picks…do you trust him not to screw it up?


Draft picks can be a crap shoot as we all know but I’ll use roulette to demonstrate my hope. If it keeps landing on red (our second round picks) sooner or later it has to land on black. WE ARE DUE TO HIT ON ONE!

Darius Slay?

Colletta was the biggest part of that story. Him and Kitna got along like oil and water. Kitna was not going to work for that guy.
Let’s just say Colletta was no Mike Martz.

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Always bet on BLADE!!!

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Those who can’t do, teach.

TBH, my experience is that saying is not very accurate.

Now, those that have Never Done and are teaching, then generally yes.