Glasgow downgraded to out; Tra Carson to IR

Graham Glasgow and Mike Daniels have both been downgraded to out for the game against the Raiders. Tra Carson has been placed on ir and Paul Perkins has been signed off the practice squad.


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Kenny Wiggins does not excite me. But maybe he will be better not being in rotation. :man_shrugging:

I knew his injury was worse that many thought… Glasgow just didn’t look right.

At least raiders d sux… need Glasgow back the next few tho

Hopefully Glasgow will be okay for the Bears. Wasn’t really expecting to see Daniels, maybe he’ll be ready for the Bears too, and maybe even Bryant. I suspect Stafford is going to have to put it up a lot, and they’ll have to avoid the TOs.

I dont’ trust Officer Wiggins to keep Mathew alive, vs the Bear D. Hope he gets righ quickly.