Glasgow “hasn’t heard much from the Lions”

As most already have realized you can pretty much say goodbye to Glasgow.


From what I’ve heard they’ve made no effort to sign him, Wiggins or Aboushi. That’s 3 interior OL gone. That’s why in the Thuney/GG thread I theorized that the Lions are taking that money to be aggressive in FA for someone like Thuney.

I don’t see the draft as a viable option to be honest. It’s not the strongest OG draft. Unless we plan to draft an OT and play him at guard a year or two.

I could be wrong but I think we’re buyers at OG in free agency.

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Glasgow was platooned, he wasn’t happy about it. He told the Lions he would be testing free agency. Why would the Lions pursue him? At this point they have a similar talent in Wiggins who is not looking for a raise. They have been told I’m checking out the market, why would they do anything other than wait for the market to set itself on the opening day of free agency when Glasgow can tell them what he has been offered. Whining in the press is the wrong way to ring the bell. If you can’t win a starting job on this OL, how many teams are going to beat a path to Glasgow’s door? I get the emotions but he played this poorly and is continuing to do so. I am not his agent, but the two moves in the press are not going to endear him to these guys. This says nothing bad, or it doesn’t intend to do so. The Lions are content to wait. GG is getting nervous.

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40 your facts are off a little bud.

  1. The Lions made no effort to resign him prior to that end of the season. When asked about it by the media (after the season) he said that the Lions hadn’t made an effort to resign him and at this late point he might as well test FA.

  2. Wiggins isn’t under contract. The Lions have also made no effort to resign him or Aboushi.

  3. GG was our best interior OL last year. Yes they split time but to be honest I think the Lions were evaluating him, Wiggins and Aboushi. They’ve decided to let them all go.

Lastly I don’t think the Lions are as high on GG as fans are. I think they know he’s going to draw 8-9 mil in FA and have decided he wasn’t worth that. My guess is they plan to target Thuney or another FA OG.


They evaluated all three and know their playing levels. I think Frank Ragnow was our best IOL. Aboushi and Wiggins are not better than GG in my opinion. The first time this was reported the Lions had no response and that is the way they do business. However you look at it, I am sure the powers that be were not impressed. They also have Benzschawel on the practice squad. This second realease does nothing for him, if you think it benefits him, I do not. I think they will attempt to upgrade with Thuney, too. It makes sense. If you want to parse words over who is under contract and who is not well, that is for another argument. This is about why playing this out in the press hurts him. The writing was on the wall during the season when they were platooning him.


Run blocker? Sure.
Overall? Ok.
Pass blocker? No, for OGs, that was Dahl.

Anyway, the one thing I saw from GG that bothered me is too many plays where he’s standing in space not blocking anyone.


My concern about Thune is that there is going to be a large market. He’s been rumored to be a target of the Broncos, who have a lot of cap space.

My concern is there could be a bidding war for Thune and that we could be heading to the draft weaker at guard than prior to free agency.

There almost certainly will be. I think he’ll come out of FA as the highest-paid guard in the league.

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I don’t think so. This is a situation where PFF becomes misleading. Graham’s grades in the 2nd level and on screens I’m sure was best on the team. He’s also scoring well in their metric of “giving up sacks”, but that’s also misleading. There are times he’s he slow out of his blocks and overwhelmed by the defender. Subsequently he’s blown backwards and the pocket is not longer clean to step into. There are also those type of snaps where runs are stuffed in the backfield for the same reasons.

Ragnow and Dahl have much better anchors and even though there’s some gaffs that Ragnow has committed, the two of them are better overall in the interior to me. I’m calling GG our 3rd best interior lineman.

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Nah. I’m sure Thuney will take a discount for the honor of being coached by Matt Patricia, fresh off a 3 win season.


A market which has just expanded:

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Lol. Pretty ignorant that you assume Air is going off PFF grades, and not watching games. I mean the guy is a season ticket holder, while you’re a guy who admitted to not watching games this season.

We get it, buddy. You know more than NFL teams, who will pay Glasgow handsomely. Put Dahl and Glasgow on the open market and see who gets paid more/ garners more interest.

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No doubt about it.

The APY for unrestricted are going to be insane for top of the market free agents


”Now, if the Lions go out and sign another free agent to replace Glasgow and spend about the same cap dollars to make it happen, then it’s time to get angry. Because at that point, the team is admitting it was personal with Glasgow, and that’s not going to go over well in the Lions locker room.

As they did with Quandre Diggs at the trade deadline, they would be letting it be known that a good player, a respected teammate and a hard-working veteran is not welcome in Detroit. That’s the exact message signing someone like Joe Thuney or Quinton Spain to a deal that’s close in value, or (God forbid) exceeds what Glasgow gets elsewhere.

If Quinn and Patricia don’t understand that concept, they’re not going to last much longer in Detroit. Or anywhere in the NFL, for that matter.“


I have been one of the Quinn defenders in the past but ever since the Diggs trade, I’m not sure what the plan is here. Glasgow is their 2nd best offensive lineman, they have money to spend to pay him fair market value, he’s not that old, he’s a local product who wants to be here and they don’t exactly have a backup plan to replace him. Just pay him a fair wage instead of opening up another needless hole for a roster that seems to have endless holes as is.


91) Joe Thuney (LG)

3 Patriots Make Bottom Half of PFF’s Top 101 Players of 2019 Season

“The Patriots’ offensive line took a major step back this season, but one player who went in the other direction was left guard Joe Thuney, who built on a couple of solid seasons to post the best overall PFF grade of his career. Thuney narrowly missed out on topping the 80.0 threshold in terms of overall grade and had the best single-game of his season in the playoffs as the team fell to the Titans in the wild-card round. Thuney was excellent as a pass blocker, allowing just one sack all season, his only one over the past two seasons combined.”

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This is a fan-esque false dichotomy that Risdon threw out there. It’s stupid, really.

Watch the tape and you’ll understand the willingness to move on, PFF be damned.

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Risdon has some good takes, but that isn’t one of his better ones.

It almost reminds me of the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the old Den board when the Lions decided to let DE Anthony Vettel go.

And in honor of the old Den boards and several name changes:


I also wonder if they are simply waiting out t he start of FA to see where these two guy end up cost wise.

Why are the Lions going to engage either agent without knowing their true asking price?

Once both agents say “this is what we want for our guy” … the decide which one to pay or draft one …

My opinion only …

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I stop reading when you said Wiggins was a similar to Glasgow. Lols

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