Glover Quin Speaks Out

The thing with Patricia is that he never “lost” the locker room… because he never won these guys over to begin with. Players are not responding to him. Quin was a great professional and he sees it.


Glover is one of my favorite Lions ever. He speaks some truth. That’s also part of the reason why Quinn and Patricia basically have to purge all naysayers from the locker room to build it in their image. Rough seas ahead. It is gonna get worse before it gets better.


This is why I say if we don’t show fight in these final games, its time to get rid of Patricia.


Sry - but when do the employees determine the work style? You get paid and you do it the best you can.

He’s currently on a winning team and still hurting from being traded. I don’t buy it…

May there be difficulties yes, but do you Jon: Integrity


First, this is Glover Quinn saying it. He’s retired.

Second, the employees can determine the work style in sports. If you turn in results like Bill Belichick, you can do things however you want. If you turn in results like Patricia, you get chitcanned.


It’s always amusing to me how many posts about how other people should “just do their jobs” come in the middle of the workday.


LOL. Posters could be retired, work weekends, work nights, have the day off, be a college student, be on lunch breaks.

Abject is entitled to his opinion.


More amusing is your assumption I am working… just like assuming Glover Quinn is a saint who is being totally and completely honest without a single ounce of resentment, selfishness, self delousion… etc.

And just to show you how off you are with yours, I am retired. I am 70% physically disabled and can’t work full time if I wanted too.

My part time job is on the weekend training students to ride motorcycles.

Hence I am off during the week… but hey, you knew that right?!


Hey, you’ve got to make the assumption that fits your position right?


I kind of wonder down the road a couple years if it turns out that Matty Patty is a complete douche that everyone hated. You would think these things would be known, but look at what just happened with Mike Babcock. He coached here for years. Wasn’t considered a players coach by any means, but here we are several years later and seemingly every person that’s ever been around him thinks he’s the spawn of satan. I had no idea he was hated so badly.

Not saying Patricia is the same, but if he came in here as Mr. Knowitall, guns a blazing and just being hitler, then some of this stuff might add up over time.

What are you talking about? Babcock was a jerk. Mike commodore has been putting him on blast for years.

Your grasping for any evidence that supports your personal opinion of the guy. It seems some of the old regime players did not or do not like MP and his way of doing things…fine, no one is disputing that. Yet, his old players in New England and current players now have said multiple times they love him. It is possible Patricia can be one of those personalities that you either love or you hate and the majority of people who are around apparently love him. If your going to take a a grain of salt any comment pro Patricia as “towing the company line” then you have to take with a grain of salt any comment discrediting him.

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If you actually watch the interview Glover went out of his way to say Patricia is a really nice guy.

Frankly that shocked the shit outta me.

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I love GQ, what he says carries weight with me.


My take away is Matt is a good dude but his defensive scheme is so bad the players are ready for the season to be over with.

Based on what has leaked out from the locker room that makes sense.

It will be really interesting what happens at DC this offseason.


If you read what Quin said, there’s no ill will or vitriol. There’s no declaration of hate or contempt.


The interview is from the summer.

The quotes are from a recent interview.

His position has not changed. Maybe people are not thrilled with the system, but there’s no rejection of the coach himself.

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I did read what he said. I posted it. I was responding to a post that suggested that MP could be found out to be a “douche” later on and be “hated” like Mike Babcock.

What I said about current/former players here in detroit was:

“It seems some of the old regime players did not or do not like MP and his way of doing things…fine, no one is disputing that”.

Never said Quinn hated MP, said it seems some didn’t like his way of doing things.

Man I watched the interview live. That quote in the headline is from today.

I’m as anti Patricia as they come but he wasn’t nearly as negative as the headline suggests.


First thing I notice is how the title of the article misquoted Quin. Trying to blow something up into bigger than it is.