Going to be a lot of surprises this year

Ian Rapoport


I had a GM tell me, “The media is wronger about mock drafts this year than you guys have ever been.” Point being, players are going to be taken in places no one expects.

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Daniel Jeremiah

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I believe we’ll see less groupthink in the draft this year. At pro days, coaches & scouts (from diff teams) spend so much time around each other & they end up forming a consensus on players. Not the case this year. Some will be shocked at how high/low these guys go.

I tend to agree and because of that the fans (who always think they are smarter anyway) will be calling out teams constantly for how dumb such team is.

…and they’ll use my all-time favorite criticism of, “That guy would have been available two rounds later.”


Honestly, I hate that routine
Every year the same thing
Every team, every city (other than the occasional team that has everything fall seemingly well)
And, like clockwork, we’ll hear it again
I love it that the media is missing it this year. :+1:


cool. that’ll make the draft even more entertaining.

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Agree that this may be the most entertaining draft ever. Nice to see Detroit at the heart of this.

So damn close, I can taste it…

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So CeeDee is in play at #3?

Does it taste Bitter…Syd?

(…it was too easy)

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There are surprises and then there’s bat sh*t crazy.:joy:

So it’s going something like this then:

  1. Cincy - Burrow
  2. Wash - Chase Young
  3. Miami - Herbert (we get 5, 26 & 70)
  4. NYG - Andrew Thomas
  5. Det - Okudah
  6. LAC - Simmons
  7. Den - Ruggs (Caro gets 15, 46)
  8. TB - Wills (Ariz gets 14, 45)
  9. Philly - CeeDee burner (Jax gets 21, 53, 2021 4th)
  10. Minny - Jeudy (Cle gets 22, 58, 132)
  11. Jets - Henderson
  12. Det - D. Brown (LV gets 26, 35, we get 12 and 81)
  13. Tenn - Wirfs (SF gets 29, 61, 2021 3rd)
  14. Ariz - Ruiz
  15. Caro - Murray
  16. Atl - Terrell
  17. NE - Tua (Dall gets 23, 87)
  18. Mia - Becton
  19. Vegas - Higgins
  20. Jax - Diggs
  21. Jax - Reagor
  22. Cleveland - Cleveland (Ezra)
  23. Dall - Fulton
  24. NO - Queen
  25. Minny - Jaylon Johnson
  26. Vegas - Gladney
  27. Indy - Jordan Love (Sea gets 34, 75, Indy gets 27 and 133)
  28. Balt - Epenesa
  29. SF - Kinlaw
  30. GB - Jefferson
  31. Cle - Ashtyn Davis (SF gets 41, 97)
  32. KC - Igbinoghene

Seems bonkers enough.

Bengals - Burrow
Redskins - Young
Lions - Okudah

Just accept that this is what will happen and you won’t be disappointed.

FTR, I like Okudah more than most here but I don’t think there’s much of a spread at all between, say, 3-10 this year so no trade down would be quite disappointing. It’s a pretty shitty year to stand pat at 3 if that’s what the Lions do. The Tua injury changed the complexion of this draft in a bad way for the Lions, it greatly diminished the possibility of a trade down if not extinguished it completely.

I am with you folks, can’t wait to hear fans say that a team reached for player x or that player y dropped based off of media people guesses. In truth only teams know where they have players ranked and seeing their big board is the only way to know if a player is a reach or is falling.

We will trade down, still get Okudah and people will bitch we didn’t get enough. Let’s be honest any extra pick would be a bonus if Young is gone. Hope Rivera and Del Rio fall in love with Simmons.


There will be no surprises. You heard it here first. Imma gonna add LOL:

  1. Trade down with Miami for #5 and 39

  2. Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State

  3. Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU

  4. Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

  5. Lloyd Cushenberry, C/G, LSU

  6. KJ Hill, Ohio State, WR

  7. Amik Robertson, CB, Louisiana Tech

  8. Troy Dye, LB, Oregon

  9. Qaadir Shepherd, DE, Mississippi

  10. Jake Luton, QB, Oregon State

  11. Giovanni Ricci, TE, Western Michigan