Golladay getting some cash

Weird rule he triples his pay and it doesn’t count against the cap. What if we want to sign him to a long term deal? Does the same amount avoid the cap?

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Good for him. He earned it.


“The money is fully guaranteed and does count against the Lions’ salary cap for 2020”.

Looks to me like it says it counts.

If we sign him to a long term deal it will still count. They would likely keep his base for 2020 but add in bonus money.

I highly expect us to extend him. But I do think that this is the year that we draft another WR in the first 4 rounds.

One of the few young brightspots on this team, he deserves it and a new contract…although his skillset is “easily replaceable” I’m told.

Lol still only $2 million, it’s mind boggling that we don’t draft more WRs in rounds 3 and 4.