Golladay playing in Pro Bowl


Good for him. I imagine he’s going to cost some money to keep him in Detroit, but top talent requires top dollar, that’s just the way it is. And he might want to hit the FA market to see just how much he can get.


My prediction is that he will complete the first ever new “onside kick” recovery.

Lions would be smart to have him play this year, tag him in 2021 and then let him walk after that.

Not a bad plan although that WR tag has crept up significantly. Currently sitting at 18.5M which is 3rd only to QB’s and DE’s. Thanks Calvin… I think Quinn is going to be playing a one year career for 2020, so guys who he “could” sign for 2021 and beyond, will probably take a backseat to paying new big name FA’s to come to the shit show to save his ass. Golladay, Slay and Decker come to mind as guys who won’t get deals this offseason.

Very Happy for him. He had a great season.

Probably the best source for South Park gifs.

We hold the leverage with Kenny , he is under contract letting him play out 2020 and tagging him would be a total of less than $10 mill per season …offer him a fair deal and get it done this year …If Quinn is smart he does just that .


I love Kenny Golladay, I hope we retain him. That was a great pick by Quinn, Golladay is not only great but he has a fantastic attitude/approach to the game.

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I think he has the best hands of any Lions WR since Herman Moore. Lucky for him he has a QB who can throw darts into the microscopic windows he provides. Who says Stafford doesn’t make anyone better? Golladay is proof of that.

This is accompanied by proof. (look it up) Galladay provided one of the smallest windows of separation in the league along with Marvin Jones.

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He’s not wrong with his logic… It’ll be like a 2 year deal for $20 million. By 2022, when he’d potentially be a FA, he will turn 29 during the season. Calvin retired at 30 bc big body receivers like them take a beating and start breaking down.

Everyone trying to Max Moneyball the game…

Sometimes you want to have a base to build from…


I hope he gets the flu and can’t play as risk injury… but that’s selfish little me

Skill positions deteriorate more rapidly, it’s about maximizing value… I’m not willing to pay Golladay $15-18/year for 4 or 5 years when the last 2 or 3 years are him in his 30s. I’ll play the odds and keep drafting receivers in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Golladay is 26 years old, he’s got 5 more years.

Calvin was before the rookie wage scale, Golladay after.

By year 3 Calvin made around 30 million, Golladay has made 2.4 million.

Golladay will want to play for at least 5 more years, no chance he retires as early as CJ.

Lock him up for 12 million a year for 4 years or whatever and call it good.


In Iggy’s hypothetical 2 year plan, we get Kenny for 27 and 28 @ $10 million a season average with the franchise tag… He’ll turn 29 during the following season. Maximize the value is all I’m arguing.

The longer you wait, the higher the price tag.

If I were Golladay, I get my payday earlier rather than later and not risk some serious injury that hinders his play and cashing-in. Sign him earlier for less.

I’m with Weaselpuppy, you need to hold-on to some players to build around. Golladay should be one of those players.

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Longer you wait? The scenario is we wouldn’t be the one paying him the long term deal for his 30s…

Golladay doesn’t have an option

The Franchise tag goes up every year for every position.
You can do it your way and save a few bucks or you tell him we’re committed to wanting to keep him on this team for the next 4-5 years and you pay him earlier for less.

Cornerback $16,486,000 $14,326,000
Defensive end $17,950,000 $15,322,000
Defensive tackle $16,272,000 $13,258,000
Linebacker $15,973,000 $13,826,000
Offensive line $14,915,000 $13,627,000
Punter/kicker $5,151,000 $4,600,000
Quarterback $27,067,000 $25,062,000
Running back $10,372,000 $8,560,000
Safety $11,545,000 $9,950,000
Tight end $10,703,000 $9,200,000
Wide receiver $18,077,000 $15,823,000

You’re not seeing what’s being proposed… We wouldn’t be signing him long term. If you think he’s worth the $15-18 million per year he’s going to get, well that’s you. The better value is not to sign him long term into his 30s. His skillet is pretty replaceable, he’s a big guy with good hands who wins jump balls.