Golladay Tag and Trade Speculation

We’re looking at a 2nd rounder per Nick Baumgardner. I’m inferring that he said something along the lines of “don’t rule it out” and that the market would be a 2nd rounder.

I wonder if pick 36 would be in play from the Dolphins? They also have 50.

And I want there to be another bidding war that might even get us 27 from the Ravens.


I’m just not in sync with expectations shared by many on Golladay. I’m expecting a 3rd rounder myself.


I’d be happy with a 3rd rounder. We would have three 3rd rounders then. And Holmes is said to be good at finding value in the draft.

Could draft a WR at pick 7 to replace KG. And then start adding to the defense with picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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I don’t put his value at where he was drafted. I think there is no question that he has exceeded his draft spot. The injuries will keep him from 1st round comp. But he is a TD machine in the Redzone and that has value in the NFL. The key will be what he’ll take in a longer term deal by the interested team. If he is reasonable, the comp should be 2nd round. If he wants the moon, then that 2nd may be harder to acquire.


NYG get Golladay and pick 88
DET get pick 42 and NYG’s 4th rounder

That equates to a pick in the 51-55 range for KG. Seems fair.


Outsource to BQ for the third round selection

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According to Nick Baumgardner of The Athletic, the Lions could net a 2nd round pick for Golladay if they decide to go the tag-and-trade route but that may be on the high end.

From The Athletic :

Teams can begin assigning franchise tags Tuesday, and through March 9. Over the Cap projects the 2021 wide receiver franchise tender at $16.4 million. If the Lions can find a trade partner interested in Golladay long term, getting him to sign the tender before trading him feels like a manageable option.

As far as the return? A first-rounder is doubtful. A second-round pick might be on the table, but given the Lions’ situation in this scenario — basically needing to move Golladay — that might also be tough. The last receiver moved via tag and trade was Jarvis Landry, who went from the Dolphins to the Browns in 2018. The Dolphins got a fourth and a seventh in that deal — but Landry was more productive in his four years on his Miami rookie contract than Golladay has been in his Lions tenure.

If the Lions can get multiple picks for Golladay, that would be more draft capital for Holmes to work with as Detroit figures out its new team identity.

More productive is relative

Landry averaged all of 10.1 ypc and had 22 TD receptions with 50 catches over 20 yards and only 5 catches over 40 yards. Landry had 8 fumbles lost during that 4 year period with Miami.

Golladay has averaged 16.8 ypc and had 21 TD receptions with 53 catches over 20 yards and 15 catches over 40 yards. Golladay has had 1 fumble lost in his career.

And one forced fumble !

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Will be happy as long as they don’t take less than a 4th or comp 3rd, the idea being that a comp 3rd in 2022 would be about a 4th this year. 2nd would be amazing

That gives us a pretty good idea about what Golladay might be worth and it’s not much in looking at what the Phins got for Landry.

Landry and Golladay are completely different receivers. Landry is a compliment to a #1 WR. He is a very good one, but he was mostly a Cole Beasley type slot WR in Miami.

Golladay Has the ability to be a legitimate #1 who draws coverage. Injuries, having to re-sign him to a massive contact, and lack of high end speed will limit his value, but we should get more then what the Dolphins got for Landry. I think 2nd in 2021 might be a little optimistic, but I bet we could get a team to throw us a 2022 2nd and maybe a 4th or 5th this year.

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Through year four here are there 4 year averages in terms of production per game played in:

Landry -
6.2 receptions 61 yards .34 TDs

Golladay -
3.9 receptions 65 yards .45 TDs

It’s inaccurate to say that Landry was more productive.

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Golladay is a good player. It’s the injuries (some real, and some maybe real) and reportedly huge contract demands that make him somewhat complicated.

Maybe he is willing to give someone a discount to get out of Detroit? He may have his reasons for spurning the Lions…


Landry is more like a possession receiver in the Amendola-Edelman mold. To put Landry’s stats in perspective, even Mike Furrey had 98 catches for 1086 yards, 11.1 ypr, and 6 TDs in 2006.

“Trade Speculation” would be a better word for the title than “Trade News”

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I confess I don’t have a real sense of why that or something like that works, but apparently it does and has in the past.

I like the idea of Golladay getting his big payday and the Lions getting draft capital for him now. I’m gonna believe until results prove otherwise that Holmes, Agnew and Dorsey are the real deal. Released from the black hole Quinntricia to minimum competence, we’ll get a bounce. If the new energy and expertise is what I expect, we’ll get a tidal wave. Yeehaw!!

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Exactly. I think Landry is a very tough dude who can make a lot of though catches over the middle. Guy can take a big hit and hold onto the football. I also think he is very tough to bring down when he has the ball in his hands.

Still is not on Golladay’s level. On a team with a good QB Golladay has 1,300 yard and 12 TD upside.

It’s about the big payday, not about getting out of Detroit, IMO.

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Not long after Campbell was hired he made some comments that made it sound like he’s excited to play under Campbell.

“Actually, I’m feeling pretty good right now. I’m really excited to get back to work. Coach Campbell came with that energy. I’m trying to match the same energy he came with.”

“I’m not going to lie, when I first saw it, I died laughing, but I loved it,” Golladay said. “That’s the energy I’m talking about. He set the tone right there. I guess we’re going to be biting some kneecaps off.”

So he doesn’t seem interested at all about leaving Detroit.

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If Patricia & Quinn were still in charge, I think he’d be gone.