Golladay wants his money

Hilarious. Quinn botched this one good :joy:

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What’s wrong with letting him test the market, and getting a fair contract from Detroit, or somewhere else?

His demands were allegedly very high, so we weren’t getting any discount to begin with.

Not sure what there is to get puffy about.

Booby Q

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He should get a fair contract from Detroit, but Quinn should have locked him up earlier. Now he’s most likely going to pay much more.

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He has made little impact in Q1 of the season. He makes a couple of plays against a bottom 3 team, and flexes on social media. Trade him please… WRs are a dime a dozen in this league.


KG was allegedly asking for huge money (like 19 per). There was zero discount in signing him early. Zero.

What makes you think the fair market will be higher?

My guess is his fair market value could be significantly less by the end of the year.

Quinn sucks balls, but this situation isn’t even close to being an issue.

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I hope the Lions extend/resign him. He has a mean streak to his game and has a huge catch radius. If the ball is near his vicinity, he will come down with it 9 times out of 10.

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Remember, the cap is going to take a big hit from COVID.

A TON of guys are going to get non tendered.

Its a super bad year to be a FA.

Might keep his cost down and for sure will get his contract back loaded



Unfortunately, i doubt the lions will be sellers at the deadline.

From Quinn and Patricia’s perspective - it’s hard to be a seller when you know your job is on the line

Yeah, all our other WR’s are so awesome! LOL

Been saying it for a year, tagging him is the best option for Detroit, even if it’s for 2 consecutive years… Either they’ll get him for 2 years at what he’s asking for on a long term deal anyway, or they’ll own his rights and trade him for a 1st.

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Tagging him for 2 years is giving him 40 million guaranteed for 2 seasons of work and making his cap hit 5-8 per year million more than it would be if you just extended him.

That’s objectively a poor use of resources.

I feel like he has had big impact in the games he’s played. Gotta be healthy and in the games, obviously. I’m torn on KG, but I lean hard toward bringing him back. I want us to spend our big money on DL, this off-season

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Okay, someone more social media savvy than me tell me where to find this. All I see is a screen shot of this post by JRogers. I can’t find the original on twitter. Did he delete it, or is this fake?

You think you’re signing Golladay for $12-15 million per year? Honest question, bc if you do, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the market.

I don’t see it on Twitter, but it’s on his IG…

I don’t think you pay enough attention to how contracts are actually structured and you are too focused on the money per year.

The tag is paying him at least 18.5 in 2021. Tagging him again in 2021 is paying him 22.2. Those are the cap hits too.

Go compare that to the cap hits Amari Cooper has the 1st 3 years of his 100 million dollar deal that everyone is so afraid to give Kenny.

The average per year for an NFL contract is fluff. It really comes down to guaranteed money and years before you can cut the player.

Amari Cooper’s 100 million dollar deal is really 3 years for 60 million guaranteed.

If you are tagging him twice then you might as well give him an extension.

I 100% understand how contracts are structured… I’m fully aware of guaranteed money being the only thing that matters in a contract. The one thing we both don’t know is what KG’s contract demands are. If he wants a 5 year deal with 50 million guaranteed, I want nothing to do with that. At the end of the day he’s worth 1200 yards and 10 TDs on his best year. Paying him $40 million over 2 years is much more palatable, especially considering he’ll be 30 by 2022. He’s not going to continue being the player he is in year 3, 4 and 5 of that contract… Just look at Calvin Johnson and the abortion of a contract they gave him… Completely unacceptable

I think it’s absurd to want to pay him 42 million(tag is going up in 2021) for 2 years but not want to give him 50 million guaranteed on a 5 year deal which means he’s going to be able to be cut after 3.

You are setting substantial cap space on fire in 2021 tagging him vs extending him.

Bringing up Calvin’s contract in this context is pointless because Calvin was already the highest paid receiver due to the old rookie wage scale. The Lions weren’t negotiating against the market with Calvin but his old deal.

If you don’t want to pay Kenny at all, okay.

But paying him 42 million over 2 years with the cap hits being 19 and 23 those two years is insanity.

I wish I knew what the Lions’ plan was here.

I wouldn’t overpay for Kenny G, but he’s a legit top-line WR, and will be compensated as such.

If the Lions are moving on from him, A. who are you getting that’s better, and what’s that going to cost?

B. Have you seen the rest of your WR room? Old guys and guy-off-the-street types.