Golladay's "OPI" call video

Remember–no replay was shown and I guarantee it was at the directive of the league.


Video starts right after Kenny pushed off, but wow that is a late, late flag

There is a better one out there than that. It was a really bad call. I don’t know if they would of won, but it still basically handed the game to the Bears. Can’t have those kind of calls on 4th down.

Complaining about the refs is for losers.

I would agree, but it’s every week we get fucked in the ass.


Pretending a bias does not exist and that the refs have not played a big part in several of our losses makes you like a twin of Hellen Keller. That OPI call …the flag hit the floor a full 8 seconds after the alleged or minimal contact …8 fucking seconds , nothing to see here .


(play withdrawn by zebras, any gain will be automatically deleted in 24 seconds when flagged)


I have no idea how you arrive at “he pushed off”. The Bears LB wasn’t even over top of him when the play started. He ran a route, the Bears player flowed over to him, and when he cut the Bears defender ran into him. How is that a push off? :

Underrated post, @TNutZz lol

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I’m in Ref School


Sounds about right haha.

I am seriously considering not renewing my season tickets after many many years.

And it isn’t because I an disappointed in the team. It is the bullshit like the calls in GB and this one in Chicago that insure the nails go in the coffin and we don’t get out whenever we are driving late in the game

Just tired of it


You know what? I can’t say I blame you TBH.

The officials are completely, and I mean completely, out of control this year.

Its not just bad calls, the entire flow of games are being effected by random whistles. Its made for a really bad product that honestly feels manufactured at times rather than a competition.

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This is what disappoints me the most and why I tried to pull away from the team and invest my energies elsewhere years ago, but my love for the team is too great. But the reality is even if we finally dialed in the formula the right way with the staff, the scheme and the players…the NFL would still hold us down. So what’s the point? I know we all have dreams of winning a championship some day and what that will be like. Its just a matter of time, right? But not really. Only about half of the teams in the league have won a Super Bowl in our lifetimes. And its pretty much the same teams over and over again appearing in the Super Bowl.

Just look back at it. Its the same teams in the Super Bowl over and over again. They change management, change players, change coaches…and still are the same teams in it again and again. Even some of the outliers aren’t hard to find an angle on. I love the NFL, but I can’t stand how predictable it is based on things in the leagues control.


I’m glad we agree on something. It’s to the point I’m riping my hair out.


Point #1 is what really is pissing me off…another example of a ref purposely controlling the outcome of the game

Point #2 happens so much I don’t even get phased by it

Point #3 is irrelevant…I see holding calls away from the ball every game.

It is Point #1 that really burns my ass. INC…no problem…oh wait…the Lions got the 1st down??? Throw the flag


Point #3 shouldn’t matter, I agree. I penalty is a penalty. But I’m disappointed in how often the refs don’t throw flags on certain teams if the penalty didn’t directly effect the play, while there are other teams (such as the Lions) who get it called on them.

Clearly this was an invented call based on the result. I don’t give a chit if anyone disagrees. But even when you think about the logic of the call, you would have to say that a defensive player gets priority in where he’s going and its the receivers job to avoid the defender…and not the other way around. So every single time a team has run a rub route and the defender sidestepped to avoid it…they were doing it wrong. All they had to do was run full speed INTO the receiver, and its the receivers job to avoid the defender. Really?


Never mind that the “supposed OPI” happened about 5 seconds before the ball was in the air…

I thought the ball had to be incoming to have a PI no matter if it is DPI or OPI. And I didn’t think you could have PI on a player, either O or D that isn’t where the ball is coming in. Holding away from the play…that can happen. But doesn’t the ball have to be coming to the guy being “interfered with” in order for there to be PI???

I mean, isn’t the definition of “Pass Interference” interfering with a guy attempting to catch the ball?? How does a DB getting bumped 5 seconds before a pass is thrown qualify as being interfered with during his attempt to catch the ball???

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For me, I feel like somewhere the NFL started getting over-officiated. I mean my God, whatever happened to just letting the players decide. Touch a QB, flag. Late hit. OPI. ticking-tack holdings or blatant non-holdings. Can’t hit a QB too high. Can’t hit a QB too low. hands to face at random times. Players getting hit “too hard”. QB was sliding. Or was he? An obvious catch that is not a catch technically. I’m just completely over the officiating. I’ve been watching football for longer than I care to admit and sometimes I don’t even know what a penalty is anymore. This is not to mention the tangent other problem which is all the gray area allows the officials to officiate a certain way against some teams but not others.

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I get your point, but its bigger than just poor officiating and not understanding what a penalty is from game to game. Using neat numbers, its like 24 teams fall into the grey area you are talking about. They never quite know what to expect from game to game when they are playing eachother. But then you have 4 teams at the top who the calls tend to usually favor, then 4 teams at the bottom the calls tend to go against on a regular basis. We happen to be one of those 4 bottom teams where the calls never seem to even out.