Good little read on Bo (Dead time stuff!)

I didn’t know he came so close to back to back 100 yard games… last time was K jones in 2004!

He’s a glimmer of hope imho for our running game overall.


Seems fair, and about right. I felt like he was more effective than Keryon too. I’m hoping we get an elite talent in the draft.

Bo is very serviceable, and appears to be an actual NFL player (nice contrast to some of the RBs we have had in the past). Still want better, but we definitely have a secure roster spot for him.


He turns 24 in September, sitting out for as long as he did was probably a great thing for his recovery time. Signed thru this year. If we don’t add a RB in the second, I would wait until the 5th. Glad he’s here, he actually makes a case for dumping our FB with his size.


Nice observation. I have wondered about that too. Bo isn’t willing to get Beastmode ugly, but he is willing to get ugly, and I wonder if he could do it. I haven’t seen much value in our FB. He’s physically capable, but sometimes completely misses. I’d be for giving Bo a shot at it.

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We have to remember he was at RB along with Johnson without much passing attack.

Teams knew we didn’t have much passing an Jones missed last 5 games Golladay was are main threat.

I think we are in good shape at RB I wouldn’t pick one early but if they do hope its Taylor

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I don’t!

I firmly feel that Lions fans overvalue mediocrity. They over value projects.

I do not feel we have an NFL caliber 3 down starter on our team.

KJ should be a complimentary change of pace RB. Not an every down back. Besides he can’t be counted on for 16 games.
Bo is a number 4 RB at best. He’s a fringe roster guy.
Ty is a PS player. All he has shown is speed. His vision is horrible. He needs growth time on a practice squad.
McKissic is a decent receiving back but he doesn’t bring much else to the table. His size makes him a liability too. It limits what he can do.

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I think the Lions need to add one stud in the draft and they should be in great shape at RB for 2020.

RB in the 2nd and WR in the 3rd in this draft seems like it should very likely yield a nice contributor early in their respective careers.

At RB:

KJ - we’ll have to wait and see, but he had high mileage out of college and maybe that’s caught up with him. But as a RB in a RRBC he’s a great piece to have, make no mistake. The kid can play and we’re going on recency bias thinking he’s washed up IMO.

Dobbins/Swift - Here’s where the draft kid should be expected to fit in, especially if it’s a player like Swift or Dobbins picked high in the 2nd. He will be in striking range to take over the #1 RB duties with the rest of the crew getting snaps as needed. If he takes the top dog role, KJ would be an excellent go-to back in rotation.

Bo - the big back. Pound the rock my man. Great player to wear down defenses. Your late-in-game finisher.

TJ/McKissic - 3rd down/change of pace backs fighting for the leftover snaps.

We’ll see who else might find their way to the Lions RB room, but I think the above would be a fine group to augment the Lions passing attack.


I think you underrate Bo. Durability has always been his issue. He’s got a lot of talent.

I do think we need to add to our group. I want a home run hitter. If that’s someone like Anthony McFarland in round four (or whatever), that’s fine. Personally I’d prefer to have either Taylor or Dobbins but I definitely get the logic of going RBBC and hence passing on RB early.

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That’s pretty much the way I feel.

I’m hoping we can land one of the top 3 or get a decent addition in free agency but we need another top level guy.

Not really - I actually liked Bo Scarborough coming out of Alabama. I knew he’d be a late round pick because he is more of a situational runner… I know Bo… lol

He has had trouble sticking To NFL teams, not because of injury (Even though he had injuries Issues in college) but because he can’t crack an NFL lineup. He’s been mostly a PS player. I think he’s a fringe roster guy and rightfully so.

Lions fans always over value players like him, Zach Zenner, Dwayne Washington etc etc.

Problem is these types have a decent game or two and everyone thinks they are the next Derrick Henry. Truth is that he has holes in his game and the more he plays the more it will get exploited.

I like him for what he is. A short yardage, 1 cut power type back. He offers little in pass protection and as a receiver so he’s always going to be a situational RB.

We need a true 3 down back.

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Jordan Howard

The Lions need help everywhere on their roster
We’ll see what the outcome of FA is but to land one of the top 3 RBs you’d pretty much have to use our 2nd pick no?
I’d feel better if they were able to trade back in the second and take a RB

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Exactly, we don’t have the luxury to take a RB in the 2nd w/o extra picks. We were 18th in O last season w/o Stafford for how many games? D is the priority in FA and the draft.

I actually he think he can be a weapon in the screen game if given the opportunity. I also think he has the tools to develop into an able pass protector.

I think he’s more talented than someone like Peyton Barber and that makes him more than a “number 4 back.”

I do agree that he shouldn’t be a starter and like you I would love to add an elite starter. I do think if we add another solid option to KJ and Bo we’ll be in okay shape. If that’s the route that we go I can live with it.

I’d love to add Dobbins or Taylor though so I guess we’re not really far off, Air.

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Obviously FA will dictate what we do in the draft. If we sign a quality RB in FA or even another stop gap type than it’s unlikely we draft one.

I figure If we do draft a RB it will happen between rounds 2-4.

Personally I think RB is a bigger need than most fans. Probably more than the Lions do. So I’m prepared to be disappointed again … lol

My thoughts are simple. This isn’t what I think the lions will do but what I would do if I were GM.

If Chase Young is there at 3 than I’m drafting him. The only way I don’t is if I get crazy value not to.

My draft would go something like this probably.

  1. DE Chase Young
  2. DT Neville Gallimore
  3. WR Tyler Johnson
  4. RB Cam Akers

If Young is off the board (which I expect) I’d trade to acquire an additional 2nd rounder (minimum) then my draft looks like this.

  1. CB Okudah
  2. WR Justin Jefferson
    2b) RB Johnathan Taylor
  3. LB Zach Baun
  4. OL or DL

Or maybe something like this.

  1. Okudah
  2. Gallimore
    2b) J. Taylor
  3. Tyler Johnson
  4. OL, DE, Edge

I agree brother - RB is a need.


Yeah I think we’re fairly close.

But I do think a quality RB is a need.

Completely agree. He’s a great backup.

I view him as a solid #2 back (backup)

Agree - I lost a ton of faith in him. I had such high hopes. He doesn’t appear to be progressing much, IMO. Color me disappointed, on that one.

Yup - good when he gets in space, but one-dimensional and easy to bring down.

We played so many teams last year that had 2-3 guys on their roster better than anyone we had. Frustrating.


McKissic’s future in the NFL is the slot or nothing.

I agree. If we add a 2nd in a trade down and one of the top 3 guys is available then I’ll definitely be in favor of picking one of them. If we don’t add any picks I could go either way.