Goodbye SI

But this is what happens when people decide all content should be FREE
I urge everybody to subscribe to at least one magazine or paper that you value
It’s all about money
If you’re not paying for the content you read, eventually it will go away

Sports … whatever
But there is important work out there that deserves $$&

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The only magazine I buy annually today is Lindy’s Pro Football Draft…weeks before the NFL Draft I enjoy comparing their grades and breakdown on NFL Draft Prospects with the DEN and NFL scouts online to refine my mocks and get a better idea who’s worth a crap TO draft.

I used to buy several of those back in the day, I think TSN was my favorite, but there was one, I forget the name, that was no fluff, and simply like profiles and reviews of the top 300 guys, or something insane like that. So no teams, only player reviews. Like a quarter page each.

Me too. What a fantastic year. Man those were the days…Ernie Harwell on the radio. Life was so much easier before responsibilities…LOL

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I don’t think I’ve ever bought one. I had a free subscription for a year once though.

These 2 were awesome.

image image

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One of the best starts ever - 35-5 after 40 games. So different than today. As good as that team 1984 was, I think 1968 was more thrilling with Denny McLain winning 30 and us coming back to beat the Cards in 7. Lolich outdueling Gibson in game 7. Magical, I remember running out my front door and hugging my best friend (who became a Tiger fan for that series because he knew I was living and dying with that team) when Northrup’s(?) shot went over Curt Floods head in game 7. Nothing like your team winning the world series when you are 13!

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She looks even better now that she’s stopped watching her diet as much and got thicc.

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Does anyone even buy magazines anymore?

My dad gave my brother and I the first 100 or so issues. His dad had owned a pharmacy that had a magazine rack so he would get the crisp clean copies. Still have em.

The pharmacy also had a liquor license, so his “job” was to deliver the booze and wine, after dark, 2 blocks down the street to the Convent for the nuns. These nuns were his teachers at Catholic school…to say he got away with a lot of shit in high school would be an understatement.

Nuns can pound down the alcohol, guys. I had a chance to drink with some of those same nuns 40 years later as my at the time wife ended up the HR director for the convent…they can hold their liquor, lemme tellya…

I miss Dr. Z, and now the whole thing could go away? Bogus.


Nothing is as it seems

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I do, but only for memorabilia for events/teams I like. I also have a cooking magazine sub.

I totally understand I’m in the minority though.

I tried to tell my chick how much better I think she looks when she’s thick. She is still hell bent on being thin. It doesn’t help that my ex is Zoe Saldona thin. She thinks that’s my type, not appreciating that my ex was the exception to what I like.

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