Governor signs executive order to allow sports to return

Please keep this topic about sports and not about the governor or politics. (That way I won’t have to close it)

Let’s talk about how this effects the Lions season only.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

So we can have sports but no live audience. As a season ticket holder who has paid for my seats I’d like to see a limited capacity with social distancing.

I figure if GM, the post office, factories, Walmart, grocery stores, etc can be open with 100’s - 1000’s of employees than why not Ford Field?


I am for anything that outlaws $13 beers.

Well, there is the obvious revenue issue for the clubs as it has an impact on the 2021 salary cap.

The NBA preannounced that the 21 season cap will stay flat, and TBH, I expect they will revise that down.

Be a good year to have some cap flexibility, which is why I don’t think you will see Quinn burn up his stack of cap space this off-season on a rental or maybe even an extension.

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Because those industries are more essential than football.

Anyway, I don’t think this means much in regards to the season because it’s so far off and this whole landscape is so unpredictable but it does give the option for the Lions to hold Training Camp in Michigan to at least attempt to prepare for a season.

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I say let fans make their own choices and season ticket holders should have keep the right to sell their tickets and keep their seats as usual. Or give them up to someone else if they don’t want to deal with any difficulty selling them.


She pretty much had to start by saying no fans
I think we see how COVID develops over the next two months to determine whether or not a partial opening to fans can occur
If you put a gun to my head saying I had to give the correct answer, I’d say there will be no fans anywhere, not just in Michigan
It’s all very strange when you consider that, I believe, the US had the highest number of new cases ever yesterday. If not ever, close enough.
I get that’s because there’s more testing but in the southern hotspots it’s record hospitalizations now.
This thing is nowhere near under control
COVID will be a major storyline this year
I hope the Lions do a better job of keeping their players safe than anyone else
And go on to win the SB because of it
Of course nobody will give them credit for winning a SB if their opponents had unlucky timing with COVID infections.
Perfect Lions scenario…

“Spring” training baseball will give us a good read, if we will even have a fall season.


Can’t even win by winnin?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Oh so true!

A plus for me is training camp … with no reporters?!

Maybe only interviews?

We will be freaking out without the daily feedback!

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It will be interesting to see how these young athletes that have tested positive and recovered, perform post Covid-19.
If it’s ever disclosed.
There have been a lot or reports that even mild cases leave damage to lungs or make people susceptible to stroke and other things.
I would hate to see any of these guys lose their career or their health, but they could be an interesting study for the scientists.
Plus maybe see if the reports have any merit at all.

The main reason I go to the games (have season tickets) is to be part of the shared experience (good and bad) with the crowd and to be part of what is referred to as “Home Field” advantage. Honestly, if they limited it to like 25% or even 50% seating I am not sure I wouldn’t rather stay home and would rather have my money roll over to next year.

I have great seats and the view is still better from home. I go specifically to be part of the crowd and be part of creating the home field advantage.

The other issue is that more than 50% of the seats are season ticket holders. Gonna hold a lottery to to see who can use their tickets?

I want them to play but to me it is all or nothing with the fans. And not having fans would really suck. NASCAR fans can watch from home. Watch parties are big thing. But NASCAR fans do not actually help their favorite driver win like football fans can. When you are bringing noise you are literally part of the game. The common saying in Vegas is that in football, home field advantage is worth three points. Some of that is that the other team has to travel. But most of that is the noise and energy the fans bring. We can actually impact the game, albeit to a small degree.

THAT is why football and basketball and baseball even just isn’t the same without fans. You take away home field/court advantage


Deep down I think Bill B. Is hiring Covid positive people to somehow Infect his AFC rivals. Maybe BQ will follow that lead … lol

FYI - I’m joking don’t get all worked up.


the more people are tested, the more people will turn up as having it. There are 5x as many people being tested, now, so “records” should expect to be broken, as in the past, mot people didn’t even know they had it.

I feel all humans should be tested - 100%

That’s the only way we will ever get a real number

So much info…and…so much misinformation. So hard to tell which way is up, these days. Do masks help or hurt?
Why are they not preaching about holistic health, and building up immunity?
Why do we see such stupid distancing practices?
At the mall today, they only let a certain number of ppl in stores, so they were crammed together in the hallway, shoulder-to-shoulder. WTF? They would literally be safer in the stores.
Some people walking on the sidewalk alone with masks on, riding motorcycles with masks on, in cars alone with masks on. People are confused and terrified. Others are just pissed. I don’t feel like this is being handled very well at all across the board.

but here’s my reason testing doesn’t work brother… and why its a waste imho until I hear a solid reason why it need to be done.

Testing is a “Snapshot” of time… nothing more.

I get tested on 26 June at 705 PM and all the test tells me if I don’t have it… I can get it on 26 June at 1000PM in Wallmart. so it does no good from that angle.

Testing is for verification imo for those “thinking” they have it; have symptoms….

testing everyone make no sense at is a waste of money, material and effort……

like testing the whole team……. how often do you do it?

but that is just me…

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An it magically goes away in 2021? I never read that about damage an how do they know already. I call BS on that report. I would guess that teams an very rich players would know.

I have heard it a few times.
But you know any scientist does a study and they report it. before it ever is even tried to be duplicated or substantiated.
That’s why I think these athletes are a perfect test group. Some have tested positive. If they don’t lose a step or breathing capacity it will pretty much show a false narrative on that stuff.

They help. They don’t make you impervious to spreading/contracting, but they do limit the amount of virus you might be sharing with/of another.

Immune health has been implied, but you’re right that there’s not enough focus on encouraging it. “Immune-compromised people are the ones at risk of dying.” OK, so let’s hear about what we can do to no longer be immune compromised.