Graham Glasgow to denver

Adam Schefter
Broncos signing OL Graham Glasgow to a four-year, $44 million contract, including $26 million guaranteed, @SPORTSTARSNYC tells ESPN.

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Good for him. He deserves better than this shit organization.


He was Super Bowl winning GM, John Elways #1 target.

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Good player and im sure he’ll fit in out in Denver. Happy for Glasgow.


Welcome to our great OL, they just play on other teams…

This is going to be another Warford situation. Good player who is undervalued by incompetent management signed by competent management who will get the best out of him.


I’m probably in the minority on this but I thought he was average at best. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Committed some penalties at crucial times and didn’t win much at the point of attack.


It’s going to be more like Diggs. Going to play in a scheme that he’s cut out for. He’ll be playing the Denver stretch in Denver.

Assuming HV plays RT, it sounds like we are going internal or draft at RG, which I am OK with.

Cheaper too and cap positive depending how they structure HVs deal…

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I agree, but I think most like him cause he went to Uofm.

GG is a mobile blocker that can get to the 2nd and locate, but struggled a bit with power. I would be fine with or without him, but I just don’t trust BQ to find a better player

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He is cut out for any scheme. He is a good, versatile, durable and tough player. I’m sure he will even be better in Denver not having to play in a rotation again.

This isn’t even a Warford situation. You could make a case That Warford was injured too much, and provided little flexibility on the line. There is no excuse for letting Glasgow walk, no matter how loud you stomp your feet.

This organization is inept.


One of the few times i agree with you. GG was a good player for this team and i do not see any benefit for the team by letting him go.

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Great, Wirfs at 3 to play OG.

I kept saying he’d bring north of 10 mil a year and several posters told me no way. One even argued Dhal was the better IOL.

Dahl signed last year for less than 2 mil a year.

Glasgow is an average-above average starting player. He’s not that great and shouldn’t be paid 10+ million per year. Our new tackle shouldn’t of been paid what we gave him either. Resigning Glasgow or signing this new tackle are not good moves in my opinion. Joe Dahl sucks too.

Stop with the cheaper and cap crap, it doesn’t seem to matter how much cap space we have, Quinn still has shown any ability to spend it on player who make the roster better. Gezz he could have a 100 million and he will spend it on patriot cast offs and other teams back ups playing the smartest man in the room game and he signs them to huge contract Lols. So yeah let’s cheapen our online to get some more cap space so he can sign another player that doesn’t work out. Stafford will probably be hurt by game 6.

Quinn drafted Glasgow didn’t he? Why would you think he can’t draft his replacement? If we were talking about finding his replanned in free agency then I would probably agree

I think I’d really just like a straight answer from Quinn on why he didn’t want to keep a guy that he drafted that panned out.

Aren’t those the guys you’re supposed to keep? I’d just love a no-bullshit answer from Quinn on why he thought it was wise to not extend Glasgow.

Meanwhile, he’s extending Christian Jones mid season. w.t.f. Bob?

Was it all about not wanting to pay a guard that kind of money? If so - fair enough. But…he did just give TJ Lang that money a few years back so…yeah. I’m feeling confused still with this one.

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If he were on another team and we signed him what would your thoughts be?

To me I would have said we overpaid. Would I have liked to keep him rather than creating a hole? YES, but not at that price. He played great his first 2 years but not great the last 2. When he couldn’t outplay guys who were on our roster as his competition that says something.