Green Bay led the Lions for 0 seconds in both wins



The Lions need to learn to finish games and not give the opponent a chance at the end. Some of the games came down to the defense not making a stop or the offense not generating points.

But, it wasn’t the help they got from the refs…

This to me falls back on coaching.

All year this team couldn’t finish games.

This is why I really think strong consideration should go into drafting a Taylor, Dobbins, Etienne level runner in the second.

IMO we’re never going to be good at closing out games until we can run the ball when the opposition knows we need to. I know that some think that good RBs are relevant if you don’t have a good OL. I completely disagree with that observation though.

We ran on Green Bay pretty good with a patchwork line.

We were efficient doing it in the second half but didn’t do it enough. 8 carries for 49 yards in the second half is solid. Just needed more volume. Hard to sustain drives with Chris Lacey as your number one outside receiver though