Gurley signed

One year 5 million . I think we give Melvin a 2 year 12 million and call it a day .

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Good low cost signing for the Falcons

Wow we needed a RB. That is a good deal.

Agreed - very nice signing by the Falcons. Gurley gets to go home with a massive chip on his shoulder in a prove it contract. I love how hard that dude tries. Hope he is healthy and successful, but not against us…EVER!


If Gurley gets $5 mill what’s Gordon’s value? I’d give him a two year deal for $16 million full of incentives

Gurley still needs to pass a physical. If he passes, he’ll join the Falcons. If he fails, he can go after the Rams for an injury settlement.

And can catch the ball. I’m kinda pissed we didn’t offer, but maybe his heart was set to go back home. Melvin good be cheaper now. But it’s not smart to offer a RB a new deal after their rookie contact. They always seem to be to banged up.

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I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I don’t want Gordon. I want a CB2, pass rusher, or RG more than an RB, of which there are many good picks in the draft.


I agree, but 5 million for a top RB who is only 25…sounds great.
I want Logan Ryan really bad, and hope young falls in our lap.

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I feel ya. I really wanted us to get Drake, when he was available. My current position is drafting a RB in the 2nd, especially in the event of a TD scenario.

How do you know we didn’t?

I don’t, but my best guess we didn’t.

His knees are shot.

You may be right, bro. I hope not. He’s one of the dudes I like to root for.

I love RBs, and they just dont’ last long, these days. I like that little dude they have in Buffalo, and enjoy watching Barkley as well. Barkley seems to be having health issues already.

I want us to get a durable and explosive RB.

Only a good deal if he doesn’t suck. There is a decent chance he is washed up, but if he is close to what he once was…it was a good signing.

At 25 washed up? He still out did anyone we had last year. Plus if he is washed up, it’s only one year.

He had 857 yards with a 3.8 average.
For the amount of money he was making with the Rams, his production was awful.
RBs after their rookie contracts are terrible value. I would never pay any amount of money to a RB. A person just can’t take the abuse that RBs take.
It’s a good argument to draft a RB in the mid rounds every other year and move on from them after their rookie contract.

I hear you, but he did have over 1000 yards last year. Prefer him over Johnson