Had It, Up To Here

For the first time ever, I blew off watching this festering pustule of a team. Enjoyed family, the meal and some damn fine basketball. Cannot believe that this tighty-whitey skid mark was undefeated just a short time ago.

Bottom line, I’m done, finished, kaput. Not wasting any more time with this pun. Not as bad as I felt during the Millen era where I disappeared from the boards for over three years. Will still post here to talk and bitch but will not waste another second watching this abortion.


It’s a mess. After last year I promised myself that I’d be done with them if they didn’t show better. Truth is, I’m not even close, try as I might.


Heads should roll today, but I’m not holding my breath. I honestly don’t think ownership gives a rat’s ass about results or that their team is an embarrassment.

Heads won’t roll until after the season, if at all. All along I wanted one more year because of the gutting and restructuring under this regime. This morning, I’m having my doubts.

I don’t expect heads to roll this off-season at all. The defense is Patricia’s, not Pasqualoni’s.

The changes will be on the team itself, not in the coaching department. They’ll build on the offense and continue to try to remake the front 7 on defense.

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That’s the thing. They really didnt gut it. A lot of our core players are still here from the pre Quinn era. It’s the fact that the majority of the guys hes drafted or brought in that has taken this thing downward.

A lot of new GMs have to find their own QB, which is the hardest and most important job of theirs. Quinn was handed a franchise QB, so his hardest job was handled for him. 4 years in and our offense has more holes than it did when he arrived and the defense is flat out terrible in every aspect.

Its win/win for me now. The Lions win, GREAT I enjoyed the game. The Lions lose, GREAT, it puts them in position for next season better. Going in expecting them lose, and saying to yourself you’re good either way is pretty liberating. I’ll always watch. The only time I didn’t watch was 2008. I didn’t watch a single god damn game that season and once they decided to keep Rod and Millen I was truly done with the team. It was only after they canned both of them did I get excited again. They are way past those days now.

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loss was expected our team is a mash unit and Stafford wasn’t playing , but hell our 3rd -string guy damn near beat them !! the whole damn season was lost by less than 10 points per game, without a quality defense and only using about 8 of our starters or we would be singing a different tune now had we won all those games we lost by an extra TD . you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win many games either.

our RB’s and WR’s rip off big chunks of yards LIKE THEY DID, you can’t have these dumb $@#! holding penalties clean your game up, stop playing grab-ass, and know your role !!!

No facemasks, No unsportsman like conduct, no PI’s that kill our drives after one of our players makes a really nice play !

I actually think we are in a similar situation and we could honestly be worse next year.

Our QB has had broken back syndrome for 2 consecutive years. That’s a big question mark going into next season. 4 years in and we havent put a legit #2 behind him. That needs to be addressed sooner than later.

Snacks and Flowers are regressing before our eyes.

Decker and Wagner need to be replaced.

Amendola needs to be resigned or replaced.

We’ve gotten nearly nothing out of our TE group. If TJH doest explode in year 2, that will hurt bad.

Slay I think is as good as gone. Now we have a slot CB and nothing else in the secondary. Walker is ok but our safeties overall are bad and the CB group will be paper thin.

I think our LB corps is gruesome. Needs to be upgraded for sure.

Special teams is pretty sad.

Even with a nice offseason, this roster wil km have a 8-8 type ceiling. Just no difference makers.

There are legit concerns, but you’re making things up… Trey Flowers is playing very well as of late. Snacks was playing better too until he got hurt. Decker has graded out pretty well recently (best LT for 3 out of the last 4 weeks). I’ll give you Wagner, he can’t handle speed at all.

The team has enough problems, but you’re reaching on some.

Flowers got a couple sacks agaisnt the pitiful giants backup tackle and a couple more against some bad opponents. When the season had meaning he was invisible, same with Snacks.

Yeah, Tryon Smith is awful :roll_eyes: you’re trying pretty hard

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I hope that Patricia takes over Defensive play calling or we get someone that would be better than PP.

He already did weeks ago, according to Spielman. The results have not improved. In fact, yesterday may have been the worst defensive performance all year, based on the competition they faced.

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Oh i didnt realize he did. Thats disheartening.

When the announcers said, “The last time Mitch Trubisky played this well … it was against the Lions” that was about a wrap for me. You can’t blame Stafford’s absence if your defense continues to take a shit.


I share similar concerns, but disagree on the level of severity. Cutting Wagner will free up space, or re-structuring. My druthers would be moving Decker to RT and finding an upper echelon LT, but I can live with a healthy Decker at LT. Might need to find some OGs.

We can find a slot WR.

TE will be fine

I’m hopeful for our rookie CB. We still have Slay for another year if need be. Walker is still young and improving. Harris will improve. Wilson has already improved.

To me, the big issue here is the front seven. We lack talent there, IMO. We need to upgrade Kennard’s spot and time is ticking for Snacks and A’Shawn. Got to expect some improvement for Tavai and they’ll need to decide on Davis. I

I didn’t watch the game. Went to the Zoo with the kids instead and followed the game on ESPN play by play from time to time.

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

I can’t blame you for peacing out. This team was, at best, mediocre with Stafford. With him out they may not win another game. They really are that bad. I can’t say that I have much interest in how the next 4 games go either.

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Hasn’t flowers had at least one sack in six straight games? I’m too busy with my wife in the hospital to do research but I think you’re being far too over-the-top with flowers at this point