Hakeem Valles interview. Basically calls Patricia a dumpster fire

Even Schwartz brought in 2 former HC’s, who were both well established as OC/DC. Schwartz is considered someone who can be hard to work with, and he had no problem bringing in 2 established, quality professionals to come in and work him. Oh yeah… and that was coming off an 0-16 season, too.

  1. With an organization as successful as we have been it totally makes sense to do EXACTLY like everyone else is. This team needs a shake up so if that means taking away the little luxuries so the team can learn to a new way…well then perhaps it’s worth a try.

  2. He is only a jackass boss because you have dubbed him as such. Again when people are held accountable when they haven’t been held accountable before it tends to ruffle some feathers.

  3. If your going to quote someone don’t skip important words like “will”. Implies a future context. We could make the playoffs next year and win a game and you still wouldn’t give Patricia his props. You will find something else to complain about…ie his weight or beard length. You’re a broken record on that shit.

  4. Way to put an “Astrix” on how leadership is defined…his views of Patricia align with yours so it’s gospel…his views of Stafford don’t so lets adjust the context to be a comparison to other QBs.

Your a broken record Iggy…we suck and need to be more like the Cowboys…when the Cowboys struggle the season is a marathon and not a sprint…blah blah blah.

Your incapable of being objective towards Patricia so I am done discussing it with you!

You didn’t actually listen to the interview if you think that Patricia is doing everything like Belichick

That’s actually part of the problem

I don’t expect him to be Belichick…I want him to be Patricia and develop his own “coaching tree”.

Think that is half the problem, everyone wants a Bill clone but reality is there will never be one. If that were the case Lombardi should have been lights out.

Patricia is a 1sy time HC and need to develop into who he is, that will have BB influence but won’t be a replica of

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Great post Lions, couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t like any of this anymore then the rest of you. Just want the Lions to win. Perhaps it is possible that Patricia is too much and/also the culture is wrong within the locker room. It isn’t that far fetched if this is the worst run franchise is sports history. They put up banners for making the playoffs for crying out loud. I remember Mike Garafola talking about this topic last year after the Jets game how he was reporting that animous patriot player as saying the Lions “needed it”. Maybe patricia crashes and burns, doesn’t mean the next coach is going to be able to make it work unless the culture is changed.

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You’re right in that results matter most—and the Pats have had a lot of success under Bill’s iron rule. NE players buy in because it’s been proven to work in that setting.

But leaders like Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight appear headed the way of the rotary phone. A tyrannical leader tends to get the bare minimum out of their employees—just enough to keep their jobs and avoid getting called out. Accountability works best when it flows both up and down the hierarchy. Good teams are built on mutual respect.

You can’t hold people accountable to a standard you don’t hold yourself to.

Get to meetings on time got damn it.


I see a lot of truth to everything he said , his take on Martha is pathetic and ignorant .

The idea that Patricia is dong it wrong needs to be thrown out the window , this team has been shit forever top to bottom , all anyone ever bitches about here is same ole, same ole …This is a dictatorship until the shit falls into line , get on board or get out …This takes time and backing by ownership and the GM Quinn to let the Coach Patricia do his thing . I’m 100% okay with that because the proof that drastic change and a culture change was needed and is needed is clear. Fuck you do your job , my way or the highway . Get on board or get lost .
NO SAFE PLACES…Perform , do your job or be berated . Learn from it and get better or if you are so weak minded that your panties get in a bunch …Leave.
It’s a breath of fresh air for me for what has been a dumpster fire for my lifetime . Change that shit by any and all means .


Wrath, I completely agree with you on that, no argument here.

This was last year’s narrative tho, do we know that this is still happening? It may be, and it has all blended together but I don’t remember hearing that as a team issue this year.

The weren’t a dumpster fire under Caldwell in any measurable way. They weren’t what they needed to be but to call them dumpster fire is just wrong.

Now you got a dumpster fire and not recognizing that Caldwell got you to a point to where a good coach would have built on that and taken it to the next level is why I say Lions deserve a shitty team.


Have you applied this leadership technique in real life—not just in a death metal fantasy land?


I agree NY. Shit often has to get “worse” before it gets “better”. That’s the hard part of changing a culture vs a team.

I will say that this regime needs time to accomplish this…but they are not except either. If Patricia lays an egg next year, Quinn HAS to lead by example and hold Patricia to the same level of accountability.

Quinn made his mistake with Tabor and cut the losses, needs to do same with Patricia if he’s not the guy…which is still to be determined regardless of what we as fans think.

Things didn’t get worse before they got better in Cleveland with Belichick.

What has gotten better in Cleveland?

Their QB calls team drs out in the media, OBJ is “lost” and wants out. They have a ton of talent but are vastly under performing.

It’s still bad there

I’m referring to Bill Belichick’s time in Cleveland.

His 1st 2 years they objectively got better in everyway from the year before he started.

Things didn’t get worse before they got better.

Based the track record of good coaches what you are saying flat out isn’t true.

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I think berated may be the wrong term but what’s wrong with accountability?

This is a multi billion dollar industry where people are paid handsomely to preform. If you can’t preform and when that is brought to your attention hurts your feeling…I agree, it’s probably time to leave.

Sorry my bad…thought you meant the current version.

To be honest with you I am not familiar with the Browns before BB got there. I am not sure what the teams previous success/failure rate was and who they had.

Was he our “Patricia” where he was brought in to get them over the hump or was he responsible for the ship completely.

I know our history and culture has been shit for a long time…many have tried to change it but failed. Patricia’s method is different then those previously…is that good or bad…that’s yet to be determined, but perhaps the fact that it’s making guys uncomfortable is a good thing.

Patricia isn’t doing anything Bobby Ross didn’t try to do

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Sounds to me like a hater poster finding hater info and trying to pour gas on it. Reminds of the politics in todays U.S. of A. Lots of misinformed people getting self-righteous on information that is very biased to begin with. I would wager the dynamic duo will be here thru next season. Pissin and moanin about it won’t change that fact. Win and everything goes away, lose and this is what you get. Speculation and BS.

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Coaches don’t count against cap, either. There’s no excuse for not having one.
The Ford’s would rather save money, than win and make money.