Halloween Costumes

This is awesome!!!

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What’s the kid supposed to be?

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How old are ya?

  1. But there are plenty of movies and shows I haven’t seen.

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Billy Bob from Varsity Blues

Mostly famous for the whipped cream bikini – Ali Larter, yummy.


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Varsity Blues, a HS football drama/comedy released in 1999… I was in 8th grade when it came out… My older sisters bf rented it and we all watched it. Then the next school year while on the JV football team it was one of a few football movies we watched after school in the team film room(health class room) to get us amped up for home games. Good times! Varsity coach(also health teacher) wouldn’t like that if he had known.

The Waterboy, The Program, The Replacements and Rudy were other movies I remembered watching.

Ah, never saw “Varsity Blues”. Surprising because I’m such a huge movie buff.

I think it was the first Paul Walker movie I seen. Amy Smart was also in it.

Cast 20 years later:

Thanks for clarifying! Aside from the “I don’t wownt yerr laff” scene, I don’t remember that movie much.