Hand out....again



Another one I’d rather see IR’d at this point

Now I get why some people say they don’t like Hand outs.


Bryant is Doubtful, so it looks like we’ll be missing both of these guys again.

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Hard to get Hand in the pocket if he’s not playing!

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That sucks, IR him try again next year.
I did think this thread was gonna be asking for money. LOL

I think we must look for players that often get hurt eating cereal and watching cops.

You beat me to it, brother! LOL


Have to hand it to you all! …

Sorry sir, I still don’t have any change to spare.


surprisingly it is not a hand injury, it is a Hand injury.

What a terrible year for him. He just couldn’t shake the injury bug. This is why most teams do not invest a lot of money into aging vet DL.

Next year we could be looking for two new starting DT’s.

One has to wonder if this is age catching up to Hand or this shows we have a real issue with our strength and conditioning staff.

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He’s a pretty young kid yet. Just drafted him last year.

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Do you have Hand mixed up with someone else?

Maybe Air meant Daniels.

This is the problem with the Lions and the NFL now. These players think it is perfectly acceptable to just sit out with a hang nail and collect their millions. The Lions have soooo many of these giant Puzzy’s on this team it is not even funny! I would think a young guy would want to make his mark if not for this team for the next team he goes to. Instead they are perfectly happy to sit out and collect their money. WOW I sound like I care! At this point I almost do not care.

This was a job we needed Hand to do. A Hand job, if you will.


Yeah I do I’m thinking Snacks. I’m in hospital and bit unclear. But that’s my excuse… lol