Hank Fraley promoted to OL coach

I remember somebody called it, good job whoever you are

I’ve got no issue with this, logical promotion. He has experience both coaching and playing on the line and he’s already familiar with the scheme.

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Makes sense. I wonder what can he do to improve run game.

Most seen this one as the logical choice I have no issue with the move.

Are we sticking with a power run (man on man) scheme or moving to more of a zone blocking scheme

No issue here either but some will not like it I’m guessing.

I’m generally a fan of promoting from within, so I hope it works out.

People who want the organization to find the best candidate won’t like it. Is this guy the best available candidate? No. Not even close.

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I think he’ll be a Fraley good hire


You’re probably right but what good candidate wants to come work for a lame duck coach? Not many I would imagine

He is well respected and the locker room loves him. Everything I am hearing says this is a great promotion. Jeff Risdon was calling this minutes after the news of Davidson stepped down.


Respectfully, I think we did get a really good hire. Apparently he is very well respected in the league and the locker room loves the guy. I have talked to a few people who are in the know who believe this a great hire. You’re entitled to your opinion though. :wink:

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Yeah, I think this one was pretty obvious. Patricia obviously has a great deal of respect for him and the players as well.

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I think he will be an Ace.

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Didn’t you call this promotion on the den a few days ago, Line? Great scoop.

Are you saying he’s a kiss-up?

He’ll be working in Detroit, Rock City.

Ironically, his wife’s name is Beth.

It wasn’t much of a scoop, really. I just happen to have the coaches roster open while I was assembling the Quick Reference post for the departed coaches. Fraley stood out as an “of course” type coach.


who is the best available candidate?