Has anybody ever noticed through the years with mock draft experts

For 2 or 3 months every mock draft expert top 50 are. All the same 50 players. and the 1st rd mocks all the same 32 players but mixed up a little at the end of 1st rd . then amazingly a week before the draft there board changes?

Just like so called fantasy football experts.

It’s not amazing. It’s called leaks of medical checks and off field findings. But it is usually only a few players. Most of the players being slotted in round one, will indeed go in round one. It really depends on when the runs start happening. WR, CB, RB, interior OL. These will be the spots where we see some surprises at the end or RD1 IMO. We may see guys like Gladney and Ruiz sneak in. Guys like Henderson, Fulton and Diggs go earlier than predicted. Where will Ruggs and Higgins go etc.

And then the draft happens and it’s different from all of them.

Anyone can be a draft expert. Just look at scouting reports from a mainstream scouting service and then just plug those players into the draft board based on their positional rankings. There might be a few small differences but that’s pretty much how it goes.
It is similar to being a weather man. I can say with relative certainty that it is going to be cold with a chance of snow in January in Michigan even years in advance.

Seems like a good place to drop this…

The thing that nags me most is that none of these guys will lock in until the last week or so. In the interim, you’re looking at 4 to 15 versions per mocker.

I think some of the lesser mockers just look at some of the other more famous mockers and use them as a template with minor changes and then call it their own.